Portfolio: Atom Syntax Highlight Package

How do we improve “Engineer Experience”?

The Problem

Our engineer write scripts to build model using a custom DSL from our vendor. The other day I saw them carefully typing in plain notepad and immediately I think:

I can help!

So I recommended Atom editor to them. And since Atom is claimed to be “a hackable text editor for the 21st Century”, I have created a syntax package for the custom DSL to improve the “engineer experience”.

The Solution



Implementation Details

I collected some notes on how to create custom syntax highlight package for Atom editor.

Development Notes

Published in my gitbook.



This must be my shortest portfolio.

Hacking Atom editor is fun. I have created a theme package called: “monokai-slate

One More Thing

I think the User in the term “User Experience Design” can be anything, it doesn’t always mean customers. It could be Operating System (when designing the command line interface), it could be developers(when designing the web API), or it could be engineers (as seen above).

Please see this portfolio for another thing I did for improving “engineer experience”:

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