Portfolio of Andrew Zheng

Hi, my name is Andrew Zheng. I like to solve problems and often it involves software and UX design. Below is my portfolio.


At AEM I work as a full stack developer, design and develop software products ranging from Windows desktop program to web services and web apps.

Please click the individual portfolios below to see the design, implementation, and thoughts.

  • AEMTuner (WIP)


I self-taught web programming starting from Rails 3 back in 2013. Then I became a freelance full stack developer to do website design and development.

My clients include a 46 years old small business, new startups, new NPO, a private fund, and etc:

UX Design

As a software engineer, I always care about UX when building things. Last year I was lucky enough (sponsored by my employer) to attend a 12-weeks UX bootcamp. I wrote a post about it:

I lead a team of 3 and have done some projects:

ATT.com Redesign

  • Link to the slide
  • We were trying to solve: how can we simplify the process of shopping wireless plan?

OneMessageID Usability Test

  • Link to the slide
  • We were trying to find out: how to help this startup to verify their MVP?

I also post my thinking about UX design and problem solving on Medium:

Side/Fun Projects

I like to take photos and I like to make things. Please go to my personal website for my side projects and some fun projects.

Recently I’m fascinated with the idea of building something as a series. For example:

Yearly (from 2012)

I created my white elephant gift exchange trailer every year from 2012.

Weekly (almost a year)

I changed my phone’s lock screen every week with a photo of my daughter Bella.

I’m working on an app to let parents share their kid’s pictures based on this idea.


I also like writing. I blog since 2005. I used to write blog on Windows Live Spaces then moved to Github Pages (based by Jekyll). Nowadays I put all my English writings on Medium and Chinese ones on my personal blog (based on Ghost):

English writings

on Medium

Chinese writings

on my personal blog

Old blog (2005–2013)

on Github Pages


I hope you enjoyed my portfolio here. You can find more information about me (email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, CodePen etc) on my personal website:


One More Thing

It seems I can just list all my projects here on Medium, you might think why do I need to have a personal website?

Well, there are hidden pages on my personal website, can you find any?