We are so fortunate to live in the developed world, in a time where there is technology and constant innovation around us, in a time were have information and resources all around us, whilst there are many who are starve or are running for their lives.

So lets cut to the chase…what can we learn from the greatest investors and entrepreneurs of our time and leverage their experiences whilst applying their principles in our lives to achieve optimum success? Here are some guiding principles I have found to be common among people like Warren Buffett, Gary Vaynerchuck, Charlie Munger, Tai Lopez and many, many more:

One thing I’ve learnt is to go to sleep each day a little wiser than you woke up. This can be achieved mainly by reading a little bit everyday, whether it is a book or an article. Personally, I aim to read 50 pages a day to increase my broader knowledege. Charlie Munger says “In my life I have known no wise people who don’t read all the time”.

Another obvious but often neglected principle is to simply hustle harder and be patient. Whether you run a business or go to school, the amount of time and effort you put in to your work will ultimately show, and will be mainly responsible for your level of success in addition to passion. Gary Vaynerchuck, founder and CEO of VaynerMedia who is also known for hustling 17 to 18 hours a day says that your work ethic and patience is not predicated on your zip code, which is very true. He also says that having thick skin is essential to getting anywhere in life, he says “you could punch me in the face 1000 times, I’m here to get punched!”

In conclusion, we get what we put in, whether it is ready or being passionate, or having drive and determination, we are ultimately responsible for our own success, so we must take it seriously.