EHDI shb’s life is a complete packet that contains all the principles of progress particularly Amal, Khudi(self learning), Kam kam aur kam. When we go through the early life of Ehdi shb, we see that he was not well educated, he neither belonged to rich family nor had any links and references. Despite of all these hurdles and challenges, he just started. He just did Amal(ACTION), this is the one of the basic principle of Amal’s academy.

Then to overcome all these problems, he started working and by working he learned how to learn and fed up with the talent of self learning. Like, he learned how to drive, he learned about drugs by working on pharmacy, he learned business and communication skills by selling different items and street hawking.

EHDI shb love to serve humanity, and in the same way i also like to serve and help the deserving people. My mother taught me “Always help the deserving, and then Allah will help you when you need it” . About 2 years ago, i was driving on road and it was about 10 pm. Suddenly I saw a man laying on the road and he was bleeding a lot due to severe traumatic head injury. He was crying with pain. I saw him and put him at the back seats of my car. I drove the car immediately to the hospital. Before putting him in the car, i tied a cloth on his head wound to reduce the intensity of bleeding. With in 20 minutes, i reached to the nearby emergency and there he got an emergency treatment. I also called 1122 to take him to the Jinnah hospital. They took him to the Jinnah hospital, i thanked to Allah but still i always wonder whether he is alive or not!!!!!!!

The whole life of Ehdi shb is full of examples, from which we can learn a lot of lessons. So i am here going to discuss the example that relates to me most, the habit of self learning. He learned from his experiences by selling items, selling fabric, starting 8*8 medical store and a single old second hand blue van. Similarly, I also tried to learn things myself and tried to became a self learner just like Ehdi shb.

At our university(UVAS), students mostly rely on the notes and slides but i actually dislike this thing and hate the most. I never want to learn through slides or notes as they are ready made and finished product but in order to learn properly you have to make your own finished product or your own notes. So, i always study from books, internet, and online lectures, TED, as well as from my seniors and i never relied on single source. During 4 or 5 years of university education, we only cram things, in order to pass the exams but do not learn new things or practice the knowledge by working at pharmacies and clinical settings.

Lets just start# To overcome hurdles

When we talk about the life of under graduates and graduates, they have to face multiple hurdles, in their life, in their career and in their profession. Now, any one can ask what sort of hurdles they have to face?? These hurdles may be related to their family circumstances, the personal routine problems they face For example fail to be punctual and carelessness, and sometimes system became hurdle for them.

In the similar way, i am also facing multiple hurdles for my career growth and before i will enlist them i want to say that “ The biggest hurdle is not your opponent and your circumstances, it is you,yourself”. So, If one wants to overcome the difficulties and problems he/she is facing, he/she can do it just by counseling and convincing him/herself.


Just like I mentioned earlier, i am also fastened in exactly the same situation. I am facing number of difficulties regarding my Time schedule, my decision making power, my habit to start the work at the end and that will lead me to the stress and particularly my lateness or you can say, i rarely follow punctuality.

I often started working or started exam preparation almost at the end, and that bring my mind in a locked state. I feel terrible that my whole work is left whereas time is limited and as a result my efficiency will get alter. If I talk about punctuality, most of the times a went 15–20 minutes late in the class. Due to this i sometimes miss very important lectures and concepts. Let me tell you the intensity of my punctuality failure, In F.Sc Part 1 my attendance percentage was 60% and it is just because i always missed my first lecture almost 4 days of week. But thanks to my Teacher Sir Mashud, he helped me and advised me to be punctual because he believed that i am a talented student and by doing all this i am wasting my talent.

One more thing , My lacking in decision making ability. The reason behind this is that listen to other peoples, and follow their advises in making my decisions. This thing ultimately brings several complications and hindrances.

When i got that project work on Monday, i decided to overcome these hurdles and problems, so i made several steps and plans.

  • Start the Amal project and online courses immediately in order to avoid stress at the end.
  • Start following my time schedule or time table in order to coincide my university work and Amal courses.
  • I decided to leave home 1 hour before the class or session is going to be held.
  • Start taking my own decisions.
Thank-you Amal
After deciding, i started implementation of these steps , i started Amal online courses on Monday, without even wasting my single day. Due to this, I have completed my online courses on Wednesday and finally I am not overwhelmed and over burdened at the end.
I decided to reach to my class on time and finally i did it, I reached to my university 15 minutes before the first lecture. And i’ll be at UMT for my in-person session before the time Insha’Allah.
Almost a month ago, I asked my friends and colleagues that i want to work in clinical setting but they said “ No need Buddy, you can do it in final year…. just enjoy these days………”. I listened to them and wasted a lot of time. But now i made my own decision to start working in clinical setting. I went to the Dental surgeon clinic near my residence and ask her that i want to work at your clinic voluntarily or as an internee. She said “ OK Dr. Hamza …. you can start from tomorrow” and finally i made my own decision and I found it very helpful and beneficial for me that I started implementing my knowledge practically.
After accomplishing these tasks, my confidence boosted up and i started thinking, whatever the hurdles , problems or difficult circumstances are, if one can just start AMAL, he can overcome all these issues. And i learnt that “YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IS YOU”