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Entrepreneurial Project

We were working on the Blood Donation Campaign for the patients especially for the thalessemia patients. We were able to meet our goals to a large extent. We established a Blood Donation Camp at GCU Faisalabad on 4 May 2017 and collected the blood samples of more than 300 students. We collected the data of all those students for update on the website and our app. Some of the people donated blood too and we donated them to the patients.

There were many challenges but the main challenge was time management. As some.of our group fellows were from different institutes and there were final term exams. So, for all of us it was very difficult to be free at the same time for the Blood Donation Project activities. But we managed our schedules and successfully arranged the Blood Donation Camp and Seminar on Blood Donation.There was also a difficulty while arranging the Doctor and Technician for our Blood Donation Camp but at the end we successfully managed to arrange all by ourselves.

The outcomes were very captivating. We helped the patients and donated them the blood collected at the Blood Donation Camp. There was a very excellent response from the students. They were lot of male and female students who gave their data for Blood Donation at Camp. We were able to impact upon more than 300 people.

Somehow in future we will be changing our approach for Blood Donation. We will be arranging open to all Seminars at Public places for highlighting the importance of Blood Donation to the people. We will be highlighting the importance of Blood Donation according to Islamic point of views. We will be generating video messages of Blood Donation on social media from celebrities and we will be sharing those messages from our page and on our website too.

InshALLAH we will be continuing this Blood Donation Project in future with more zeal and zest. We will be trying to expand the network to the whole Faisalabad to other cities too.

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