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Entrepreneurial Project

Blood Donation Campaign is our cause in the Entrepreneurial Project. For this purpose we have made a page on social media with the name of Blood Donation Forum https://www.facebook.com/blooddonationforum/.

We have also got an app for recording all the contact details of donors. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.simplyblood

For the complete details of the blood donors we got a website having all the contact details of blood donors within Pakistan. http://www.click4blood.com/

From our page on social media we started spreading awareness of Blood Donation among people. We started making people aware of the benefits of Blood Donation that:

  • How blood donations reduce risks of cancer?
  • How it helps in weight loss for fatty people?
  • How blood donations replenishes blood?
  • How it lowers the cholestrol level of chubby people?
  • How blood donations increase the production of Red Blood Cells in a person?
  • How blood donation makes the donor psychologically rejuvenated?

We are just planning to arrange a Blood Donation Camp at GC University New Campus Faisalabad this thursday. We have got the permission from GCUF Officials. We are just working on flexes and posters for Blood Donation Camp. We have arranged a Technician and a Doctor for the Blood Camp. Also we have arranged the instruments for blood collections i.e Syringes, Test tubes and Slides for testing blood samples, Antigens, Blood Bags, Plastic Gloves, Microscope etc.

We have motivated a lot of people for blood donations especially we are hoping to receive a great response from students so we have especially planned to arrange the Blood Donation Camp at GCUF New Campus.

A drop of Blood forms an ocean of Love.

There were a lot of challenges especially it was a little bit difficult task to get permission from GCUF Officials but we convinced them with suitable dialogue. Then there was a challenge while arraging some Doctor for Blood Camp as we have to pay him for the blood camp but at the end luckily we got a doctor who was friend of one of our fellow. Then he also arranged us a Technician. The major difficulty we faced was the arrangement of instruments for the blood camp but one of our fellow managed to arrange all apparatus for us. Now we are motivating people more and more about blood donation. Also we are raising awareness of blood donation among people to save lives.

Save a life. Donate Blood. Do you know that one pint of Blood can save 3 lives?
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