Sharing the 6 tips with your classmate

Here are some of the tips about ’’Starting your Career’’.

1. Find your passion and align it with your career

2. Decisions are very unique to each person

3. Own your decisions

4. Do an internship before pursuing a higher degree to confirm if you like that field/industry

5. Don’t do PhD if you want to be an entrepreneur or work in corporate sector

6. Spend at least one year in your first job

I shared all of these tips with my friend Zayan-ul-Haq who is interested in doing an internship. I shared all of things with him on skype call as he was not available for in person conversation. I may have shared it with any other friend but i preferred to share it with Zayan as he always asked me especially for such tips.

Overall, it was a very great experience to share such amazing tips with him. We had a very productive discussion. I learnt that everyone has a different point of view and different perspective of viewing things but we should use positive feedback to help someone in improving their outcomes. Obviously some people agree to something and some disagree but we should not be defensive. Feedback is a gift from others and we must accept it whole heartedly.

It was like a advice too. He was very happy to see that i am giving him very good tips for his career. He somehow disagreed with me at some points but at the end, overall he agreed to all of the tips. He was very happy to know that i am giving him a free online course including ‘’6 Tips to Manage and Maximize your Career’’. He was very grateful to me that i gave him an online course that will help him a lot in starting his career.

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