EIDI For All
(Hamza Amad)

People come and go, legends live a life even after when they die. They aren't the god gifted ones but they struggle alot in their life. They learn from their every single small or large, critical or petty mistake. They bear the slaps of societies, punches of nature but they still continue even in the dead of nights. 
Sir Abdul Sattar Eidi, a man of deeds not of words, was a human before any religion and for him, everyone was equal. In his entire life, he followed for basic principals: Simplicity, punctuality, hard work and prudency. He worked for the people instead of himself. He was one in billion, a flawless humanitarian, a true philanthropist and a person who felt the pain of others.

He could've been, would've been living a life one ever dreamed of about but he choosed the other path. Counter to running the 'Pubs and restuarents' he became the founder of ‘Edhi Foundation’ that runs hospitals, provide shelters to homeless , rehab centres and orphanages, not only in Pakistan but also in the rest of the world. He started his journey of helping others by giving one paisa to needy ones that his mother used to give. She used to say, “Always find out if the person is really in need. It is poisonous to give charity to those who dont need it. He didn't care about gender, caste, color, or anything else because he used to respect the humans. He once said
" My ambulance has no religion".

“No religion is higher than humanity.”

He worked effortlessly for years with consistency. He used the principles 'Amal and don't give up'. He used to sell pencils , worked in cloth merchant shop, he ran a dispensary as a volunteer and provided free medicines to people who worth it. For a while, I thought 'he's a choosen one' but then I remembered about his passion and struggle to work for humanity.
Eidi isn't just a chapter but a book of humanity with full of lessons.

Story of my life has something common with that of The Great Eidi but only when it comes to the principal of 'Amal and Khudi'. I wanted to be a great singer and a song-writer. The first step was to take an initiative which I took and the next step is not to give up. I don't wanna be someone who walks away so eaily, I am here to stay and make the differences that I can make. I am given one life, I have one dream and it is my onus to live my dream. I learned not to give up. There were many times when I was being told to 'stay away' from music but literally those two words I can't obey. People insulted me, tried their best to let me down, they abased me. But they're just ordinary people and I found a better way to overlook them by not paying my ears to them. People are perfect in an art,
an art of breaking heart.
But I won't give up and I know God is by myside as I am still standing.

The selfish, they’re all standing in line.
Faithing and hoping to buy themselves time.
Me, I figure as each breath goes by.
I only own my mind.
 (Pearl Jams)