Things I Adore!

For me there are many things that can make me happy in the world, but the two things t hat make me most happy is sports and summer vacation (Apart from music as music is more than skin and bones to me). I like sports by playing them on a team and with my friends, or watching on TV. The reason sports probably makes me happy is because of the action. The two that have the most action to me are hockey and football. Summer vacation make me happy because of the fun I have during the summer.

The fist sport that makes me the most happy is football, and then hockey would come next. In football there is a lot of action, you get to run with the ball, play defense and offense, block, tackle, and even kick field goals. When watching football on TV my favorite parts of the game are the kick offs, field goals, long passes, and the scoring. But to me it is even more fun when I get a chance to play with my friends. When I get a chance to play I get to play great positions such as leftback, left winger, and the striker. The sport that would come second for me would be hockey. The most eciting thing about hockey are the fights. The things that mostly start a fight are the big hits players get from others. The next great thing about hockey are the power plays. This is when the other team gets the advantage of having an extra player on their team for a certain amount of time. The thing that got me into hockey was all the action you get when you go to or watch a game.

The second thing that make me happy is summer vacation. Probably the most important reason is because school is let out. Another exciting thing about summer are the vacations. The vacations I go on are to water parks or amusement parks. I get to play football with my friends in the summer as well. Because it is summer and not winter I get to go swimming which I enjoy a lot. I go with my family to pools and beaches around the city or on vacation. The thing I favor the most about summer is that my day is in the summer. I like this. Summer vacations are like the days in heaven, I can set my own routines, I can sleep without the fear of alarm. I feel this, it feels great.
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