This blog is about my story of struggling against negative thoughts with positive attitude. When I was planning to get admission in university I had some preferences, three preferences actually to be very precise. I attempted entrance test of all three universities. I could not get admission in my top priority university due to low score. I also could not get admission in the desired department of second priority university. Now I had only one choice left and that was the university in which I am studying now and that was third in my priority list. To be very honest I was not taking tests very seriously because I knew that I had choices but after two attempts I did not have any choice left.

At that time, negative thoughts started to come in my mind and that actually decreased my productivity and increased my tension towards my admission. I also had a pressure from my family because it was the last choice available at that time. Then as a remedy I started thinking positively about he situation a I realized there is no use of taking a lot of tension. I Realized the solution and find some solution. I worked on all the solutions. I took test with full preparation and a relaxed mind and managed to get admission in my desired department.

Negative thoughts will not let you go anywhere but they will only decrease your productivity. So better to tackle negative thoughts with positive attitude to get rid of the situation.

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