5 Best Theme Based Bedroom Furniture for Kids

When it comes to decorating a room or an area on a particular theme, you have to select its every item from minor to major accessories and even the paint and furniture while keeping the overall compatibility.
Although, the paint color, wall papers, and drapery play a significant role in supporting a particular theme but still furniture’s role stands above every other thing. Whatever, the type of theme you select for your kids’ room, selected furniture that supports it. The best way of choosing the right furnishing and decoration is to take the advice of a professional interior designer in Pakistan or you can also get custom-based furniture because it is designed while keeping the overall feel of a room or area in view.
Given below are 5 different types of theme-based bedroom furniture for kids. The theme of furniture is also differentiated with respect to gender of the kids.

  1. Furniture on Vehicles’ Theme
    Usually, for boys, you would have seen furniture based on the theme of cars and vehicles in different colors. Usually, the bed is given the shape of a car, truck or any other vehicle. Choose the color while keeping the walls’ theme and tone. In the similar way, the upholstery and of the furniture such as sofas, beds and tables can also be chosen on the same theme.

2. Canopy Beds
Canopy bed with delicate upholstery and colors such as pink, mauve or purple truly support more of a girlish theme in a bedroom. The convers, blankets, and the upholstery can have Barbie doll characters on it. In the similar way, you can have four columns beds in different feminine colors, supporting a fairy land theme of a girls’ bedroom.

3. Bunk Beds
Bunk beds are good to create different themes in a room while keeping up a spacious feel. For instance, in the image above, a bed in the form of a cabin or small house is created in kids’ room, the bottom and top of which can be used to take rest; whereas as a slide gives it a more of a playland feel. The printed curtains and floral cushions above on the top give it more of luxurious feel.

4. Study Table

Study table is an essential element of a kids’ room. You have to allocate one corner to study zone, where you can place furniture in different themes such as in the image above it is presenting the picture of green field like forest. In the similar way, you can use some other ideas such as a sea world, a sky or a fairy land.

5. Storage Benches
Storage spaces are essential as there are lot more things to be place such as books, stationary, toys, drapery and so on. Therefore, open cupboards and drawers in different themes would add value to an existing feel of a house. Go for the smart-theme based furniture which occupies less space and provides maximum facility.
While furnishing your kids’ bedroom, you must take the services of a top interior designer in Pakistan or should hire a home furnishing company as it can prepare custom based furniture that supports the overall theme of a room.

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