7 Contemporary Interior Door Design Trends for 2016

Interior Door Design

A chic door design can significantly enhance the interior appeal of a house. Therefore, they should be selected while keeping the decoration, functionality and latest trends in view.

Though people don’t pay much heed to interior doors when it comes to house decoration, but they play vital role in improving the look of a space. Be it functionality or the decoration, doors are significant in every way. They are chosen while keeping the durability, longevity and off-course the interior theme of the house in view.

Like all other elements of interior decoration, doors have also been evolving with the course of time. Given below is the list of seven contemporary interior door designs that you’ll see in 2016.

1. Bi-Fold or Double Pocket Doors

With the increasing trend of open floor plans and connecting areas like living rooms and dining rooms, have increased the demand for bi-fold or double-pocket door lately.

The flexible double pocket doors helps you maintain the spacious feel of an area. The double pocket door has various types, which usually differ from one another on the basis of materials and designs.

If you are looking to brighten up the indoors, then choose the bi-fold doors that comes with glass panels, so the light could pass through them. The best thing about these doors is instead of opening in or outside the room they slide forward or backward. It saves you a lot of space and keep the connected areas wider.

2. Multi-Panel Doors

The multi-panel doors are usually made of wood. Homeowners and architects such as AmerAdnan Associates install these doors in homes to give a chic look. It’s up to you whether you want to get a single, double, triple or a five-panel door. Multi-panels doors come in numerous designs as even slight a change in the panel size can set them apart from others.

3. Heavy and Carved Wooden Doors

The main door of your house needs to stand out from the rest of the doors inside. When it comes to selecting a entry door, homeowners prefer to go with the ones that are heavy and have alluring design. Most people prefer to choose heavy front doors because they do not want to compromise on the durability and safety.

However, if you want to make a seamless transition between your outdoor and indoor, then opting for a wooden door with glass panels can be great a choice. Remember, the width of such doors is typically more than other entry doors.

In case, you feel the need to take a professional advice, then visiting an interior designer in Pakistan, who is well informed on the latest trends and interior themes, is perhaps not a bad idea.

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