7 Effective Methods of Enhancing Your House Curb Appeal

Everyone wants its house look more appealing and attractive. Although, a professional interior designing work is enough to enhance the value of a house but exterior is the part that is noticed by every passerby.

Why is it important for a home owner to work on the improvement of its house’s curb appeal? From the exterior look of your house, one can make a judgment about its interior. If exterior is good and attractive enough, a visitor or passerby will make a perception of indoor accordingly. Therefore, for a homeowner, working on the exterior of a house is as important as on its interior. Most of the modern house construction in Pakistan have appealing exteriors with proper sidings and welcoming entry door.
Give below is the detail of some of the effective methods which can prove effective in enhancing the curb appeal of your house.

1. Dress up Exterior
There are hundreds of ways of decorating the exterior of your house. For this, you can choose a siding but make sure whatever you select is not only durable but is also compatible with the overall appearance of your house. To further decorate the exterior you can use concrete foundations, column footings and other masonry work. The use of natural or manufactured stone is also becoming a common trend in many major cities of Pakistan.

2. Bring a Welcoming Effect in your ‘Entryway’
Other than providing a mere walk-away passage, you can make this entry way a welcoming place so that a visitor could enter the indoor with a high perception of your indoor. There are endless choices and methods you can use to decorate the passageway that leads to front door. Brick, concrete and stones can be used to make the walkaway; whereas surroundings can be decorated with the plants and flowers. Using marble or tiles can be good choice when it comes to flooring of the doorway. You can have a perfect light right above the door, which can enhance all the accents placed on the surroundings such as plants. The alternative option is to use lights on the above right and left corner of a door. You can even make a small sitting arrangement right on one corner with two or more chairs and a table. The door can be decorated with climbing plants like money plant or any other floral creeper.

3. Selection of a Right Door

When it comes to selection of entry door, you need to be more careful to keep the decorative as well as technical factors in view. Take into account the size, style and material of the door, check either it suits the rest of the exterior and is compatible with the interior. Don’t choose a too small or too large door, rather the size should be appropriate, fitting best the entry way.

Reference: Exterior Doors Buying Guide For Your Dream Home

4. Selection of Light
Selection of light is important because it has to highlight the exterior features of your house such as yard, pathway, porch and front door. For some additional touches, you can use accent lighting to create an enhanced effect.

5. Overall Organization
It is not all about adding items and additional accents to your house exterior; instead maintaining a proper symmetry and organization of everything is more important than anything else. Scattered or wrongly placed items will certainly create a reverse effect.

6. Shutters and Trims
Shutters and trims are again important for adding a decorative element and providing functionality. These are good to control the entrance of light and air inside and also the other decorative effects.

7. Create Additional Visual Effects
The step is taken to transform your home’s curb appeal from good to best. You can add fences, arbors, water features and various other things. It is all about your creativity and taste, what impression you want to create about your house interior and exterior.

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