Are Door Knobs and Handle Sets the Only Choice for My Home’s Security?

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Keeping a home safe is the first priority of any homeowner. To ensure safety, a majority of the property owners do not even bar to get the best door locks. This article will aid such homeowners to get the best available door locks for their new construction or existing dwelling. So delve in.

Security of a home is undoubtedly more important to everyone than anything. No matter, what standard of door locks we install in our room doors when it comes to entrance gates and main doors of the home, we ensure that the best locks should be installed to keep your family safe from all hazards.

Handle sets or door knobs are installed in doors throughout Pakistan. In fact, these door locks are available in an extensive variety ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. However, the question y is, are these door knobs or handle sets are only to secure a home? Can’t we find any other door locks than the traditional door knobs or handle sets?

Yes, there are.

The modern-day door locks are not just available in a variety of finishes to match your home’s exterior and interior decor preferences but are also available in different designs. To top it off, they boast latest technology to ensure your home is safe than before.

Materials used to manufacture these door locks include stainless steel, satin nickel, satin chrome, Venetian bronze, polished brass and antique brass to name a few. Once you get to a local home hardware store, you’ll be able to find both kinds of locks are for your doors.

Below are couple of locks that are tough for intruders to break:

Electronic Keyless Locks

These locks are electronically operated and do not need a key for entry. Instead, these locks require a specific passcode that needs to be entered every time you have to open the door. The electronic locks are popular in banks and other financial institutions that are looking to protect their confidential data or cash.

But now homeowners have also embraced these expensive door locks. Owing to the security they proffer. In modern house construction in Pakistan, you’ll find these door locks installed on entrance doors and or garages. Another edge of keyless door locks is you won’t need to have duplicate keys for all the family members.


If alike many other homeowners, you too are not satisfied with your home’s security just by installing a door knob, you can spend a little more and install a deadbolt into your home’s entrance door. A deadbolt is considered as one of the securest choices for door locks. The deadbolts are among the toughest door locks to break and can surely help ensure maximum security for your home.

The best thing about these locks is they make use of the dead latch and are available in both, single-cylinder and double-cylinder constructions. The deadbolts can be matched with door knobs as well as the handle sets. The deadbolts add to the elegance of a door and never look odd owing to its smart construction.