Why is it necessary to Renovate Model Houses on the Regular Basis?

Model homes in the housing societies which are in the sale-list; need to be renovated on the timely basis so that these could have due resale value. A professional architect in Pakistan can better guide you about the renovation period after having a visit of model homes.

There is a common misconception that refurbishing is only required for the homes which are in use; whereas residences (yet to be sold) constructed in the housing schemes don’t need any kind of renovation.

Do you really think that the renovation of a building is just related to its usage? Don’t you think that the homes in the housing schemes, which are not sold for a longer time period, require renovation too? Certainly, these need to be renovated with minor refurbishing work such as re-painting and refurnishing of plaster. Sometimes, the model houses in the renowned housing schemes such as DHA, Izmir Town, Valentia Town and at various others schemes are not sold for long time, their exterior as well as interior starts giving a dull look due to acute climatic conditions. Especially during the rainy season, the exterior becomes a little dull or even the inside walls of a house also get a bit damaged due to seepage, humidity and sometimes the leakage.

Here are the following reasons for which the housing societies have to keep up the fresh look of unsold homes.

Increased Resale Value

Model homes are made for sale; therefore, keeping them up-to-dated is necessary because any damages in the look or structure will decrease the resale value. A home that is properly painted and well-maintained is likely to have more resale value as compared to the one that is similar in size, design and structure but is not refurbished on timely basis.

For Safety Purposes

It is not necessary that a model house in a housing society gets sold the very next day of its completion. Some are sold immediately whereas others take time and this shows how quickly a particular society is being populated. The ‘yet-to-be sold’ homes are not taken care of on the daily basis and if left unattended for longer time period, these can fall a victim of dampness, seepage and various other similiar things. If not visited on regular basis, there might be a risk of blockage of rain water on the roof or any other area and other similar threats. Therefore, safety threats in such homes rise because fungus and dampness may cause difficulty in breathing due to foul smell.

Maintaining the Look

‘Model houses’ as the name indicates; serve to be a model, showing the living standard of a particular housing society. Therefore, you should work on the improvement of their curb appeals so that anyone visiting for the sake of purchasing could get a good impression. Usually, the renovation and maintenance of such homes is being done by professional architects and modern interior designers in Pakistan. Special attention needs to be given on the improvement of façade as it can even be viewed from the outside.

How Frequently a Model House should be renovated?

This is a common question that comes in the minds of the people. Although, model homes don’t need renovation as early as the houses which are in regular use but still a timely visit and renewal is necessary. There are various other factors on the basis of which you have to decide about the refurbishing of a house. For instance, after a rainy season, you have to renew the paint and plaster by filling up small holes or cracks which could be the result of dampness and seepage, otherwise a monthly visit by professional is enough and he can better guide you after looking at the condition of the home.