Generational differences, evolving philosophies, and technology have helped shape the millennial approach to work as a stark contrast from that of their predecessors.

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Does this count as being “triggered”?

The New York Times recently published an article aiming to tackle the puzzling issue of why younger millennial and generation z workers are pretending to love work. So far, I’ve stumbled across the article on my LinkedIn feed, it’s been mentioned on Twitter, and it’s even been recommended to me by Firefox’s curated content (yes, I use Firefox). In what she labels “performative workaholism”, the author, Erin Griffith, states that young workers are unable to distinguish the…

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What is the emerging technology and how can it affect businesses across the board?

You’re likely familiar with the name, you’ve witnessed the hype, and you’ve probably even done a few Google searches about it on your own. Blockchain. The technology underpinning cryptocurrencies is suddenly being hailed as the international transformer of business. Buzz surrounding blockchain has been deafening over the last couple years, encompassed by plenty of interest and equally as much confusion. Mckinsey&Company reported that in a survey of 800 executives, 58% of the group believed that up to 10% of the global GDP will eventually be stored using blockchain technology. That’s roughly $8 trillion dollars flowing through the distributed network. Pundits…

Hamza Asif

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