I want to share that how i started doing a project. I wanted to do this a long time before bot i was afraid of it. I am deriving a welfare society “FARZ” with the help of my 5 friends. we contribute Rs/1000 per month from our pocket money and then deliver to actual needy boys specially people living in tents near Uet . They want to study but their financial problems are barrier for them. so we are helping 9 students. But i wanted to do it on a large scale and to increase the number of members in society. so it was very difficult for me to convince my seniors and other friends. Now i am working on it.

I wanted to increase the members of “FARZ” because there are many peoples living near us ,who are waiting for our help. I am also a student so i cannot help peoples without my friends and seniors. So i wanted to convince people from my social circle to become a member of “FARZ” and be a part of such noble act.

It was very difficult to convince my friends ,seniors, family members and hostel mates to take it serious. I gave them proofs means fee slips of students ,who are in schools with the help of “FARZ’. I was showing their contact numbers ,address so that people can trust me. It was very hectic to tell everyone about my motto. Some people trusted and some made fun of it. I had to face all kind of people.

It was very difficult for me to start but i take following three initial steps.

  1. I created a Page “FARZ” and invited all my friends so that i could explain my purpose.
  2. Then i spent time on page to share posts (moral and about our previous work).
  3. I personally met many people to convince them.

There were many challenges. Time management was one because i had to give response to the comments on my page ‘FARZ’. Some people made fun of it but i was convincing them. But i realized that many people were giving positive responses.

It is difficult to start but not impossible. I learn how to convince people,how to control yourself when people are making fun of your work. After starting ,now i am able to work on a large scale because many people who gave positive responses were waiting for my initial step.

Now i am more passionate to work for “FARZ” because i have increased my team and now i am able to work on large scale.