How we got clean water for for 2,500 villagers for 25 years for just $5,000. And then, did it again.

Water is too apolitical for talk shows. Too mundane for print media. And too not-Trump for Fox News.

Apr 9, 2017 · 2 min read

But there’s no hushing away the fact that 700M still lack access to clean water. Day in and day out. My team has found a sustainable & maintenance-free fix that bypasses governmental ineptitude, electric grids or massive infrastructure revamps.

Our solution leverages solar energy to pump water from under the surface in a neat, community-led project. All for $5,000 a piece. We explain how in the video above.

The first solar water pump in Jurr Village, Pakistan was sponsored by the Davis Projects for Peace @WilliamsCollege, MA in 2014. The Cornell Policy Review published our story at the time.

Here’s a 3-min snippet from Jurr (and bygone days when the long hair look was still meta)

In the following 2 years, this happened in Jurr:

  • Literacy Rate*: Up by 15%
  • Labor Productivity**: up by 13%
  • Cases of water-borne diseases: down by 37%

Disclaimer: we did not hypothesize any of these inspiring results at the time. But in retrospect, it all adds up…

  • Less time spent walking to distant water wells = more time in classrooms
  • Better hydration = greater agricultural / labor productivity and income
  • Safer & cleaner water = slimmer chance of contracting diarrhea / other diseases

In essence: a single water pump reconfigured the entire blueprints of the community, and broke the treacherous poverty trap for several families.

Our success and new-found appreciation of the numerous positive ripple effects motivated a second water pump. This time we were entirely crowd-funded

Bondh-E-Shams (Water From The Sun) blueprints can be replicated globally, and we need more people (i.e: you) to talk about it.

*statistically significant marginally greater improvement for girls over boys (makes sense: since most water gathering is done by women hence they have greater headroom for improvement)

**proxied by mean household income (randomly selected households) —we know our econometrics.

Shoot a note to if you’d like to help out. Or, visit us

Our FundRaiser is @GoFundMe/SolarWaterPump

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