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On the 19th of August at Capital Square, Ikoyi we organized our sixth event. This edition focused on local manufacturing and had three speakers, each at the helm of a manufacturing outfit.

At 2pm and going on for about 4 hours, there were thrilling sessions one after the other and exchanges from all in attendance.

Ushering in the event was Temi Aiyelari of Hardware Lagos who welcomed all attendees and did a brief introduction of the speakers.

Our speakers were Ahmad Sadiq of Microscale Embedded, Akinwole Akinpelu of Stampar 3D, Jude Abalaka of Tranos Consulting, with the project showcase on rLoop by Tobi Oyinlola. To loosen the tension in the room, attendees were asked introduce themselves telling everyone their names, what they did and what they hoped to gain from the day’s event. …

We introduced themes, the event centering on IoT viability

On the 18th of February, 2017 Hardware Lagos held her fourth meetup at WebCoupers in Yaba. Compared to previous editions of the meetups, this one had a central theme which guided the selection of the topics and speakers.

The theme was Internet of Things and the event was to discuss the viability of developing solutions of the kind in Nigeria. Yen Choi, EVP & CTO of Netcom Africa and Nifemi Marcus-Bello, Lead Industrial Designer at TECNO spoke at the event, leaving us with their insights and other gems.

Hackaday tweeted about the event!

Yen spoke on Infrastructure for IoT. In his comprehensive talk he took us through the length and breadth of IoT, starting from the basic definition of the term, exploring subtopics like IoT characteristics, enabling technologies, stages of maturity, security, current and future states of infrastructure among other things. …

Hackaday Hardware Lagos held her 3rd meetup on Saturday, the 29th of October, 2016. In attendance were two interesting speakers; Judith Okonkwo of Imisi3D and Opeyemi Babalola of Webber Engineering.

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Judith Okonkwo of Imisi 3D giving the camera a big smile

Judith, who is the CEO and founder of Imisi3D, spoke about her passion for VR, the state of Virtual Reality (VR) technology in the world and why Nigeria has to join the community early. She talked about one of her projects: creating a community of VR content creators and enthusiasts in Nigeria. …

I created a basic Expandable RecyclerView a few days ago, having tried one or two third party libraries only to be left grossly disappointed. So, I decided to document the steps I took while creating one here!

The data to be displayed will be a list of people, which can be expanded to display a list of their individual friends. The final thing looked something like this.

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Yeah, so the first thing I did was to create a RecyclerView adapter and pass in the RecyclerView (RV) itself. Then I created a layout manager and attached it to the RV

I needed a way to store both parent and child objects in one List. That led me to creating a base class called from which the parent and child classes were going to inherit. …

Imagine you’re in your car on a long deserted road and you suddenly need to some note-taking or do something that requires both your hands. For this to happen successfully, your car needs to move at a constant speed and you need to take your hands off the steering wheel. The normal way to do this is to turn on the cruise controller in your car but imagine your car doesn’t have one, how do you achieve this?

You know what, let’s build our own basic cruise controller.
Intuitively, the first algorithm that comes to mind is this

v = current speed of car
x = required speed

start loop:
if v greater than x, reduce v (i.e. decelerate)
else if v less than x, increase v (i.e. accelerate)
and probably
if v is equal to x, do…

Interesting one! I still think if I read this back in secondary school I wouldn’t have appreciated it. Lord of the Flies depicts how people lose their values and become savages in the absence of laws and ultimately highlights the importance of upholding laws and order in society. I liked the power play and the social dynamics that helped win people over to a side. I often wonder if the story would’ve turned out different had some girls been marooned on the island along with the boys. What social variable would that have introduced to the behavior of the boys and the overall outcome of the story?

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It was a delightful read although I must confess, I had to struggle with William Golding’s descriptions of the island and it’s many features.

Over 10, I’ll give it a resounding 9!

Many Khaled Housseini fans say this is his best work yet. I don’t quite agree but I can assure you this is an exceptional book.

It’s a tale of Amir, a morally-conflicted young Afghan boy, born with a silver spoon, and his experiences on one hand with his demanding father whom he loved dearly and on the other hand, his young, brave and tolerant friend Hassan.

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The novel was set in the US and Afghanistan. The tale depicts Afghanistan — from her glory days of peace, harmony and the no-longer-popular kite running sport where hoards of people gathered to fly, watch and “fight” kites; to the days of pain, poverty, anger and war resulting from the invasion of Russia and sets at the rise of the Mujahedeen and the Taliban. …

I’ve heard a lot about Khaled’s books. From friends to and finally Quora, I was awash with tales of how great his books are, so I decided to give it a spin. I purchased two of his books, And the Mountain Echoed and the Kite Runner earlier this year; and I’m glad I did.

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And the Mountains Echoed is an exceptional story about two Afghan siblings, Abdullah and Pari, who lost their mother when Pari was born, and had to survive under underwhelming conditions in a village called Shadbagh. Their father, Saboor, a very hardworking man, would do anything, ranging from digging of wells, to menial work at construction sites, just to make ends meet for his family. He cared dearly for his children and made a good storyteller. …

Harmless and pure,
Her smile resonates upon all things,
So palpable, his heart goes into delirious fits,
Like the light feathers of a cock when it shudders,
You can hear it racing miles away,

boom…boom… it goes,
Brisk and quick

Do hearts race out of fear ?
Fear of appearing shy or vulnerable,
Or of excitement,
The kind you feel when you’re lost and you find a friend to guide you,
Some say its the heart merely dancing to the melodious tunes of the beloved’s breath,
With vigour, vitality and profound joy.

His heart is insane,
And its illness is its cure

Jeffery Archer is one of the authors that comes up during discussions with reading enthusiasts. I had heard so many people talk about him and on this very day during the NYSC orientation camp in Iseyin, I found this book at one of the many book vendors who displayed their wares at the camp market. I went through his books and purchased Kane and Abel with the hope of starting it immediately after Stephen King’s Herart In Atlantis which I was reading then.

Kane and Abel is a great book about two guys Abel Wladek Rosnovski and Richard Kane who were both born on the same day in different parts of the world. Richard was the more fortunate of the two being born to one of America’s wealthiest banking families while Abel was found in the forest during one of his foster father’s sons’ hunting expenditure lying naked and helpless beside his dead mother. …




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