Summary: This is the backstory of how we built There is a Wired article about the project already. This article provides our story of what went behind the scenes.

Whenever someone asks me what I work on, I find nothing better than a single link to a YouTube series of 9 hours filming an actor reading Amazon Kindle’s terms and conditions.

Here is the trailer:

And this is a link to the full series.

Hopefully, you’re still with me at this early stage and you didn’t get lost in an endless…

The workflow for building machine learning models often ends at the evaluation stage: you have achieved an acceptable accuracy, and “ta-da! Mission Accomplished.

Beyond that, it might just be sufficient to get those nice-looking graphs for your paper or for your internal documentation.

In fact, going the extra mile to put your model into production is not always needed. And even when it is, this task is delegated to a system administrator.

Since the end of Google IO 2016, a new narrative has been looming around the messaging industry: “AI is the new black”. Although the hype has been growing earlier for Privacy-by-Default, Google said: “No, we’re choosing AI-by-default”. Artificial intelligence, according to the company, will revolutionize how you perceive messaging. Accordingly, Google’s new app, Allo, will be listening to all your conversations, analyzing your photos via computer vision, and applying natural language processing to your texts. The goal is to provide you with smart replies and to suggest services that you might need without leaving the app. …

credits: (Jasmine Anteunis)

The race for the next major platform for chatbots has started. Microsoft and Facebook, among others, are competing to be the go-to place for bot developers. Their pitch is that any business, big or small, will be able to easily design an intuitive user experience via their bot platforms. They can also reach to around one billion users who already have Facebook Messenger or Skype, without requiring them to install a single new app. That is why a lot of analysts position bots to make a lot of traditional apps obsolete.

As Jan Dawson further points out, what these early…

PrivySeal: A Smart Privacy Assistant for Installing Cloud Apps

Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other cloud storage services have recently been in a fierce battle for consumer attention. With the number of active users in each of these services exceeding a quarter of a billion last year, they have become the home for a wide array of data, ranging from trip photos to sensitive enterprise material.

An important evolution that has happened in the past few years is when these services turned into application platforms. You can now use an app like DocuSign to sign a document you already have on Dropbox or an app like Loupe Collage

Hamza Harkous

Applied AI Researcher — Data Privacy 🔗:

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