Exclusive Interview with Becky

What inspired your passion for music?

My passion for music began when I was little. My family surrounded me with music all the time. Ever since then music has always been where I turn to whenever I’m feeling happy, sad, stressed or any other emotion.

What are your goals for 2019?

My goals for 2019 are to keep writing music, release more content on youtube and social media. I also want to spend time with friends and family as much as I can.

How do you feel about connecting with your fans via social media?

I love connecting with fans through social media.I love how they contact me online asking for advice or simply to tell me they like my music, which always makes my day!

What’s your favorite quote?

My favorite quote right now that keeps me going is “No one can create your purpose for you” because in the end my choices will shape who I become and yes people can influence me but I make the decision at the end of the day. This quote reminds me why I work for what I want and if I want something, I just have to go get it myself

How do you feel about the early success with the track Stay Strong ?

I was honestly surprised that ‘Stay Strong’ got that much attention as it was my first song release. I’m so glad I could spread that message to thousands of people because no matter what’s going on in life, it’s nice to hear that you can do it. It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, cause you are amazing in your own way.