Puppy Time

I’m excited to announce a new addition to the family! We just adopted a Red Nosed Pitbull from an animal hospital on Omaha while we were visiting my mom and dad. We had been wanting a dog after a string of burglaries in our neighborhood. We asked about a lap dog and then something maybe a little more intimidating like a German Shepard or a Mastiff. We weren’t ready to pay the full price of a Shepard or a Mastiff and decided to adopt instead. We searched many of the animal shelters in Nebraska and were unable to find the right match for our family. Now we have found her and we are excited to share the journey of raising her and caring for her as we teach her to love and play nice with other dogs.

Our First Night Home

The first night is always one of the toughest. It’s like bringing home a new baby (we never have, so this is an assumption). There is excitement radiating throughout the house that this new life is now living under the same roof and there is so much to do and experience that you can’t wait to wake in the morning and engage the wonderful life that awaits you. The great thing about puppies is that you can throw them in the backyard and they will be fine. Babies, not so much! After getting home we gut loaded that puppy so that she could sleep well and not disturb us. That didn’t work out like I had planned. We stuck her in the laundry room with a food dish and water, a bed, and lined the floor with news paper so that she could do her business without barking up a storm. Not only did this little dog bark up a storm, but she ended up clawing the door to shreds. It was a rough first night, but I expect better days ahead.

Morning Time / Play Time

We all woke excited to greet each other, she was jumping up and down like a crazed puppy and we were embracing her as she did. She was the perfect dog for our family. We had purchased a leash for her and ventured out for our first walk. Omaha Nebraska is a beautiful place to live and the morning temperatures are pleasant. As I walked my new puppy for the first time I actually let her off the leash to go explore the dense woods that Omaha has to offer. She trotted through the sticks barking at everything that moved and sniffing every stone and stick she could find. This dog was definitely a hunter and with so many Opossums in Nebraska it didn’t take long for her to sniff out a few and start barking like a proud puppy. I scooped her up and took her home before she got herself in trouble.

Our Second Night

Due to the constant barking and howling we decided to keep her in our bedroom for the night. I couldn’t afford to keep her the laundry room and destroy anything else further. The door already needs to be replaced, I don’t need washer and dryer parts being added to the replacement parts. The night was rather peaceful actually, she was content sleeping with us and didn’t move much until she had to pee. She woke and whimpered and I let her out back to go pee. She wondered out into the yard and proceeded to pee and poop without too much encouragement. She came back in the house and never woke again until the morning. Night two was far better.

Morning Time / Vet Visit

For the second morning in a row we ventured out into the sticks. Both of us clearly enjoyed the time spent together. She’s a very happy dog with a tale that just won’t stop wagging. But she was about to experience her first taste of the Vet! I knew she wouldn’t be happy getting shots and getting neutered, but I figured the soonest we got it over with, then the soonest we could really start hiking and exploring Omaha together. I had never had an animal before so I never had a need for a veterinarian. I called around to friends and family in Omaha to see who the best vet around was. It became a unanimous decision that Backlund Animal Clinic was Omaha’s preferred vet clinic. We had our visit with Dr. Backlund and returned home to rest and heal. As much as she hated being at the vet, she was very happy to be home.

Healed And Hunting

It took a few weeks for the stitches to fall out and the wound to heal properly before we could venture outside again and enjoy all that Omaha has to offer. She recovered well from her vet visit and was ready to get back outside and explore.

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