The Scotland Highlands

Escaping Leeds for four days for the Scotland Highlands was the best decision I’ve ever made….so far. I witnessed the dramatic nature scenery and enjoying the Scottish hospitality.

I’m trying to get into photography. I think its part of 2017' resolution. So, I did running twice a week, eat less carbs (more veggies), keeping a journal, and travel to more places (around the UK, preferably), and start a blog (and actually upload some posts).

So, I will challenge myself to pick the best 5 photos from my trip to the Scotland Highlands.

I took this picture from inside the train carriage. The Settle to Carlisle train journey is one of the most scenic experience in the United Kingdom.
A view of Glencoe
Kyelakin is a small town situated in the South of Isle of Skye. I like the silhouette of the bridge. Completed in 1996, the bridge helped to connect the mainland Scotland with the island
My personal favorite shot of Quirang
The dramatic scenery while in Ceag an Fheilidh

Those pictures are unedited. I might spend the next couple of days to play with some photo editing software and I will upload the result.