Abdul Sattar Edhi : The Richest Poor Man

عبدالستار ایدھی‎
“No religion is higher than humanity.’’― Abdul Sattar Edhi

These words are from a richest poor man of Pakistan, A true humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi. This statement looks very simple and short but if we see deep in the meaning of the wordings, nothing can be comprehensive than this.

Everyone knows Abdul sattar Edhi because of his work and deeds for mankind but the early life of this man was also full of learning and life lessons that made him stronger at every stage of life.

He Said,

“When i was young my mother gave me two ‘Aane’ (pennies) to spend in school. One for me and one for any needy person.”

From these lines we can truly understand the cherish of this human being, how his mother produced the love towards kindness. If we observe the life of abdul sattar edhi, we clearly see some principle of progress that he used in his while life. 1st one is ‘Amal’, ‘Action’. Most of us think that we only can serve mankind when we have resources but the thinking of edhi sb was very different. He started to serve the mankind by only one penny. He did not wait for the right time, in fact he just did ‘AMAL’ and this is also one of the principle of progress of Amal academy. The academy really believe in action, small beginnings, just start.

The 2nd thing that we can observe from edhi sb life is ‘Sabar-e-Jamil’. Edhi sb never wait for good results, in fact he never wait for any outcome. he just did his work. we know his work was on small scale but he never lost hope. He had a passion to serve the humanity so he did and from 4 people, more then enough people turn their life into happiness. Amal Academy also believe in that. The Academy believes if you really want to do something, do your best and wait, you will get it.

These Principles relate too much from my personal life. I always be advised that we need to have a perfect plan to do something, without a plan we can’t do anything. No one advice me to do AMAL, and the road will automatically straight for you. Most of the time i had not time for a plan to do something like small thing in life. So the last option was to do it.

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