Khudi and Self-learning — Just Start project

‘’Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune’’ — Jim Rohn

Self-learning gaining more fame than formal education. This is because there is no specific time to learn anything. People want to learn new things so badly. This is why people are paying focus on self-education to learn new and unique skills.

I choose book reading as my just start project. The reason why i choose this project is simply to improve my reading skills. There were a time when we used to read lessons in our class on daily basis. That habit improved our reading skills, vocabulary and produce a ability to learn things faster. It’s true i had face many problems while achieving this goal because whenever you try to learn new things it’s not so easy for the first time but when you learn those things, than it worth more than the difficulties you faces. You can never believe how and when these skills save you from bad happenings.

The first difficulty i faced was this is too bore, and this was exactly the reason why i didn’t try book reading after my school life. I stuck to the plan and i completed a chapter from a book about Abdul Sattar Edhi life. It took a great time to just complete one lesson but i did it. The third difficulty that i had faced was because of my low vocabulary, i mostly looked the meaning of some words and it consumed my major time.

‘’A home without books is a body without soul’’ — Marcus Tullius Cicero

My experience of doing this project was very good. I just learn one thing that never give up. If you want to do something, just stick to it and you’ll do it. Moreover it improved my reading skills a little bit plus it added a couple of words in my set of vocabulary. Now i can kill my spare time with a good reason. Another great benefit of book reading is that it fills our mind with great information, tales, lessons that most of the time we are not able to gain from internet. I’ll try to keep this habit going so that it can improve me with the time and make a great change in me.