Exercise and Happiness. What’s the deal?

As I drove to office in the blistering 47 degree heat, I had this lethargic feeling as result of not having a good night’s sleep. Upon reaching office, co-workers would love to get chatty with you by giving their two cents of advice regarding sleep. Yes, I get it. Having a habit of sleeping at odd times, this is bound to happen. There was also the pertinent fact that I had to sit in late that I was not able to carry out my daily ritualistic act of hitting the gym.

My feelings about work.

“Why do you work out daily?” That is valid question one may ask. Well, by the end of office hours, you think back for a moment about the ups and downs of today’s roller coaster ride. You probably didn’t complete a pending task, had an off meeting with your boss, your bi-monthly presentation didn’t go as planned. Such events pave the way to negative thoughts that leads to anger, stress and anxiety. What I am about to tell you is a key life-hack to counter such bad vibes that appear in our day to day lives.

Buzzword alert: Exercise. Workout. Fitness. Gym. Gains. Internalize these words since they indeed are a key to happiness. As hard as some people seem to think this is, working out really is not difficult. It is a fear that people have developed since exercise is a strenuous activity that involves exerting pressure on your muscles. It is bound to cause discomfort but trust me it will work out in your favor in the long run, mentally and physically.

There our other ways to deal stress and anxiety but exercise is considered to be a among the favored choices according to this survey. Working out makes you feel good about yourself. There is actual scientific backing behind this reasoning and several sources are available on the web for the reader. In a nutshell, our brain release a chemical called endorphin which combats stress, pain and discomfort. After a grueling session, you will feel relaxed and that lethargic feeling I was mentioning earlier, that goes away. Your mind will be more aware and your body more active

Sure, you have work to do and later have to run by errands for your family or meet up with old friends. Just try taking out a meager 30 minutes from your busy schedule. It is not only important for your body but it is important for you. You’ll observe in a month’s time your health will improve exponentially as well as your overall outlook. You will look fitter and feel amazing inside and out. I hope this works as general motivation. So what are you waiting for?

Life Motto!
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