My aim was to gain industrial experience during my final year study in university of engineering & technology.

During my three year study career in university I have seen many seniors of my department or other departments who have no experience of practical life and after graduation all of them do internship to gain some industrial experience for 1 or two year with little or no salary. That’s the reason I wanted to gain some industrial experience so that when time will come i don’t want to stand on 0.

I dropped about 27 to 30 CV’s in different places for the sake of some experience. I spent my four working days of university on it. I didn’t get any response even from a single industry for 15 to 20 days. I was disappointed about this response. Some of them did response but those industries are not most related to my field

I made up my mind towards my aim. I started to ask my friends and the persons I knew very closely about whether they have any reference in industry of my interests. I was doing Mechatronics and Control Engineering so my work was in automation industry but when there was no response I thought that I must to enrol myself in professionalism by starting working to gain experience whatever it is, by the time I’d move towards my field relating industry, I must take an initial start.

After Making up my mind I started to go in textile industry although it was not related to my field but i took a step towards professional life. I felt boring there because the work was not related to me. But I pushed myself to take interest. After 1 week I got a call from ‘Injection Molding ‘ industry. Industry had many C.N.C machines and programming of theses relating to my study. The industry from I got a call was 20 km far from my house. And they said not to give my any wage. As it was my first experience to work in industry relating to my field that’s why I started to go there with full passions and compromising with difficulties I faced like travelling or expenditures of travelling.

It was great experience for me because it was first time for me to gain industrial experience of my own field. The main thing I learnt that we must pay attention to practical things with theory. By reading books or listening lectures we can’t do nothing until we don’t implement them in practical life.

Now I take interests in practicals. I preparing myself to take full interest in making final year project for this I’ve selected a day in a week to work on projects.

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