It’s been a few months since Poker VR came out on Oculus Rift and quite some time since our last major update on all platforms and oh boy this is a big one.

Poker VR: Mutant update is available now on Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR!

This update features the following:

  • Introducing 8 new “mutated” avatars because why be human when you can be a tiger or a cat or a monkey or whatever floats your boat.
  • Everything is interact-able on the poker table (Rift only). Throw chips in style to go all in!
  • Set your own…

Now that the Oculus GO is out, we wanted to take a step back and reflect on where the VR industry is right now and where it’s headed. What follows is a reflection on how the release of Oculus GO will impact both our future and the future of Social VR as a whole.

Why the release of Oculus GO is huge for the VR industry

Virtual reality desperately needs an evolution of user experience. Using Gear / Rift / Vive requires relatively heavy setup: you have to put phone away for Mobile VR or be tangled with wires on PC VR. …

Poker VR is will have a big presence at VRLA — one of the biggest conferences dedicated to Virtual Reality — and we have a lot planned to make this conference a HUGE event for our community.

Here is what you can expect:

  • For the first time, we will be showcasing cross platform functionality of Poker VR between PC VR, Standalone VR and Mobile VR! If you have been excited about our Rift/Vive app, you can be the first to try that out in the conference!
  • Phil Hellmuth, a record 14 times World Series of Poker Champion, will be attending…

What’s New

Poker VR launched with a plethora of new features that made it the most comprehensive social product built for Mobile VR. Today, we are launching another feature: the ability to change environments.

With this new feature comes a new casino environment that takes inspiration from the casinos of the past and combines it with the futuristic universe of Mega Particle. The casino features more traditional casino colors but retains the competitive and more vibrant feel that the original Poker VR environment is known for.

To check out this casino, select the environments category from the main radial menu or…

This update is also introducing matchmaking, automatic table spawning. We also redesigned the poker table to make it more social and comfy.

The early feedback on Poker VR — Beta has been really encouraging. Even though the game’s first release was very rough around the edges, it astoundingly proved our premise that Mobile VR can be more engaging than most people realize and that this comes down to experimentation and improving UX. Poker VR is seeing a spike in almost all metrics of engagement!

This update is focused on polishing the experience and making all the different features of the…

Poker VR is more than an update to Casino VR Poker; it is technically a completely new game that has been almost a year in the making. (tl:dr at the end).

We first launched Casino VR Poker in May, 2016. Since then, Casino VR Poker has gone on to become one of the most engaging and highest grossing free-to-play and social apps on Mobile VR! Casino VR Poker showed us that VR is working and it answered some of our critical assumptions about the medium. The crux of this was that VR is already way more engaging than other platforms…

The ramifications of repealed net neutrality are going to be huge for Social VR.

There has been a lot of uproar about the fight for net neutrality and there wasn’t any topic that ran as hot as it on the internet. The VR industry largely missed this uproar and I personally didn’t witness much debate on its implications to the future of VR. I would argue that if any industry, the VR industry stands to lose the most with a throttled internet.

Virtual Reality is inherently a performance intensive medium compared to other mediums. VR is “drawing” a world around…

Just a year ago, statements like these were the rave in the tech industry:

Virtual Reality is the last medium

Virtual and Augmented Reality are going to the be the most social platforms ever

Now, there are publications writing that VR is dying or dead. The reality is that VR is already more engaging than other platforms and we have the data to prove it.

When we started Mega Particle, we wanted to see VR’s performance against three main aspects/KPIs.

  1. Presence should result in more engagement per user than other platforms.
  2. VR should make some people fall in love with…

Win Multiple Oculus Rift + Touch bundles, Gift cards and much more! Tournament takes place on 20th August, 1 pm PST.

It’s time to up the ante! For a over a year now, we’ve been running regular poker tournaments in Casino VR Poker. Traditionally, these tournaments have always been free roll with only virtual prizes. As the tournaments have become bigger and bigger, so too should the prizes, right?

And so, we’re now introducing…

…the High Rollers Poker Tournament! A by-invitation-only tournament that will showcase real skill in poker. And the prizes? They’re as real as the skill needed to…

Continued from episode 1….

It was such a sad sight. Dagger blinked on and off repeatedly until he finally disappeared into thin air. The worst part, his chips were missing. Yes, that was the worst part!

The Casino was on lockdown. No one was allowed to click their buttons and leave until the VR Police interrogated the players. Marco led the investigation, telling everyone to settle down and quit their bitching. (like that did any good)

The first on a loonnggg list of alternative accounts, was 888, Bmu, UKUNZ and his other 148 accounts. And it was looking like the…

Hamza Siddiqui

Founder & CEO @ Mega Particle.

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