Cost & Revenue of “My Life”…!!!

To be in contact with the professionals is always a great experience for me and to learn new things from their experience and all that. This time Amal again gives me an opportunity to be in contact with the professional, but this time in a unique way along with some unique questions to request them to answer and to learn from what they have learned from their experience.

So I decided to reach to a professional with a link as it creates a chance for me to maybe I can meet that specific person in-person and to deliver my words with my own mouth and to heard the words from my own ears. I tried and with a reference I reached to that person but unfortunately he has to immediately go for some meeting out of city but I somehow managed to handover my questions to him on a handwritten piece of paper. Surprisingly I got a message after almost 2 hours that I am going to answer them within an hour on my way to Islamabad. So he send me the answers in a brief way through mail which I instantly send him as a reply of his message. So his views about the purpose of life is to explore and experience. Explore new and new things and experience them as a whole. According to him the pain he want to sustain should be of that much cost as bigger his dream is. Although he don’t tell me any specific dream of his but he told me about the costs that are implied and have to bear by him in order to get the aim he set for himself. He was just passionate about achieving his hidden goal and over burdened by the work which he was doing just for it and he himself says that the work he do will always is of some unique taste.

The biggest cost that I am overcoming till now is the sudden death of my father when I was in 6th class. That day I was in between my final exam of English and while solving the answer someone from school asked me to leave the paper and pack the stationery and I have to go home. So after reaching home my biggest asset is now my biggest loss. I have to now face most of the common difficulties along with my family which were not a problem when my father was there along us. So till now most of the difficulties I am facing because of this loss and the other is from the last 3 years I am in Lahore far away from my family and I mostly go after 3 to 4 months. In start I have to survive the loneliness but then God is merciful and after few months my cousins and school friends also enrolled in different universities and we all started to live in a flat& now life has taken me to Multan to explore some more and it’s even more fruitful experience for me there as life has shown me some new opportunities that I have taken seriously. Also, the art of judging people by their faces, and the people that just look for you in time of need is also shown up to me here.

If I talk about the lessons that life teaches me because of the sacrifices I have to made is that I have to do all of my things even smallest tasks by myself as loss of father and far away from family gave me an opportunity in my life to learn all the things by my own and I have Alhumdulillah done all and conquered. So I believe that because of these tasks I am now strong enough to face almost all the difficulties in future if they try to compress me and my personality down brave heartedly and also to achieve my aim is important for me now and I have already practically faced most of the problems and situations either they are financially or mentally. So the pain if comes will be endured as I know that Endure the pain and enjoy the gain…!!!