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If you’ve been on Trash this summer, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been making a lot of changes to the overall flow and user experience of the app. This design update is based on your feedback, and it’s all about making a creative space for you and your friends.

While many of you post to broadcast networks like TikTok and Insta, the vast majority of you post to personal networks like Snapchat and SMS/direct.

From recaps to felt cute moments to “video therapy” to keep us all sane in 2020 *deep breath*, we’re sharing what we make on Trash with close friends and loved ones.

Tell Your Story with the Music You Know and Love

Today, we’re announcing the beginning on popular music on Trash in the United States. You’ll find music from our initial label and publisher partners, and we’ll continue to add more.

We’re super excited to finally share your top requested features:

  • popular music (US only)
  • A search bar (US only but coming to rest of world soon)
  • Easier-to-use playlists

Check it all out in the sound view when editing your video:

This is a major milestone for us. While we worked on adding popular music, we built out a library of independent music (that we got many compliments on!)

People problems are inevitable and you’re probably ill equipped to deal with them on your own

There is a popular myth that coaches are for weak leaders who need help. This couldn’t be further from the truth, coaching helps strong leaders optimize what they already do well and strengthen what they don’t.

Karina Bernacki – Chief of Staff, TRASH

Why I hired a coach

I met Karina when we were both at Twitter. Karina helped me with some pretty serious issues on the Vine team, and during that time I realize how critical it is to have the support of a coach when you’re leading and executing. three key reasons:

1. Your industry is always changing

Change is going to happen at a different rate for everyone, and mindset change is an inevitable part of any creative act. Creativity (what some companies call “innovation” is dynamic, not static. It is uncomfortable, it is messy, it happens in fits and starts. It requires personal growth and change.Whether you are leading organizational change (like a business turnaround), or simply getting folks excited about the next feature on the roadmap and needing to make adjustments for the next quarter, making things is a dynamic state. …

How We Created a Feature from a Meme

Today we’re launching Vibe Check, a fun, silly way to add context when you share to Snapchat from TRASH. We’re doing it with no other than Daniel Spencer, the comedian who vibe checks people on TikTok.

Comedian Daniel Spencer

We also partnered with design collective Parent Company because one of their founders, Umru, was the first person to post “vibe check?” on Twitter.

Umru Rothenberg, one of the Parent Company founders

If that isn’t a House of Vibes, we don’t know what is.

We’re at a really interesting point for the phrase “vibe check”. It’s the new way of saying “how are you” at a time when saying those words doesn’t really feel appropriate anymore— It’s the whassup of today. …

What’s Next for AI and Content In 2020

AI-driven content creation is coming next. Photo by Alejandro Ortiz on Unsplash

What We’re Launching Today:

1. Video styles!

Video styles are AI shortcuts to help you create cutting edge videos on our app TRASH. Based on types of videos we saw people creating on TRASH already, Styles can help you create a recap, an artsy video, a narrative story-style video and more with a single tap. Styles aren’t meant to be the final thing (though sometimes you get lucky with the AI!) you’re the storyteller — so you can tweak it from there.

I’ve moved around a lot for my career. It’s a great privilege to be able to do this. Moving has made me rich in my perspectives and experiences. It’s challenged my comfort zone both as a person and a designer. It’s added texture to my craft and provided insight and empathy in ways I never could have predicted.

In the moment though, moving is downright hard. Some anecdotes:

Edmonton to Toronto, 2003 (2000 miles)

This was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I’m not sure I would have if I’d known how hard it would be. But futures were a black box back then. We didn’t have social media to give us FOMO and show us what we could have. I had almost no friends in Toronto, no job and no experience. Just a dream. I quickly discovered it doesn’t matter how good your work is; connections are everything, and Toronto is an annoyingly regionalist city where being from anywhere else in Canada is unspeakably uncool. …


Hannah Donovan

Founder & CEO @thetrashapp. My background is in design and product management.

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