Retrain Your Mind — Sept, 2016

Your mind is invite only

Your mind must be a fortress. There is so much stimuli and so much adversity in this world that you must realize the importance of keeping your mind focused. The opinions of people don’t have a place in your mind. You have the power to choose who and what you think about. If you find yourself worrying about what people think about you, then you haven’t realized that your mind is invite only. You are the one that chooses to think of something, so it’s in your power to not think about it. The majority of the world has no place in your mind. Thumbs up or thumbs down don’t matter. You must live in accordance with your highest self, not the projected self of others. Even worse than worrying about the opinions of others is worrying about there imagined opinions. To worry about something someone might think or say is self-hate and self-torture, why would you do this? The age of self-hate is over. Self-love is cooler and more hip. Think of your mind as the most prestigious party in the universe, only invite the thoughts and people that you love and love you in return.

Mental conditioning

Learning feels good. It’s important to keep your mind sharp and to consistently push its limits. If you’re too lazy to learn something new, then you haven’t found the correct motivation. Religions give desire a bad rap, but desire is necessary. If utilized correctly, desire will create massive amounts of drive and determination. You must associate your desires with mental advancement. Someone who could communicate better is a better asset. Someone who is a lifelong learner has a better chance at aging more gracefully. Someone who reads and learns often has a better chance at being inspired and to come up with great ideas. Your brain is a muscle and if you don’t use it, you lose it. Focus is a muscle that you can acquire through learning. Keep your memory sharp. It’s easy to rely on technology to find all the answers, but your mind needs constant stimulation. Learn problem-solving skills by taking up a new challenge. Learn how to program a computer. Learn a new language. Find something that you’re motivated to do and then see it to the end.

Think wise, but be young

What you think about, you bring about. Think you’re healthy and you will be. Think you are ill and it will be so. It’s up to you to control the direction your mind walks. It’s important that you think wise, but always remain young. So you’re thirty-five? Do you say that you are young or you are old? Are you fifty? Do you think you have a lot of life left or a little? So you’re 15, do you think you’re too young to start a business? Age is just a number, but your mind will dictate your actions. Think wise by understanding that you are never too young to do something great. You are never too young to be healthy. You are never too young to do something virtuous. The same is true for being “too old.” There is no such thing as too old. You are as vital as you think you are. Fifty is the new thirty. Thirty is the new twenty. You are as young as you think you are. You have as much life as you think you have. Be younger today than you were yesterday. Lift weights harder than you think you can. You’ll be sore, but that’s normal. There is no need to fear death or injury. Be smart with what you do, but don’t let “smart” become fear. Don’t let rational thinking become a crutch. You have more than you think you do. Death will come when it comes, until then know that you have more. Know that you could be more and do more. Stretch yourself, push yourself and do something that will astonish you.

Affirmations and manifestation

Self-talk dominates most of our minds. Unless you’re a Buddhist monk or a seasoned meditation practitioner, then you might feel like you have no control over what you think. This is only true because you haven’t trained, but you can start training anytime. Meditation is a good practice for clearing your mind out. But you will need tools for improving your self-talk and for getting better results. Many of us are plagued by negative self- talk. We may think that we’re unattractive when we look in the mirror. We may think that we’re too old to work out hard anymore. We may think that we’re too old to start a new career. All kinds of self-talk dominate and dictate our life. But we could change it and we must. Affirmations are the key. What you say about yourself is your choice. You could take yourself that you’re getting younger and just watch the results. You’ll do more, you’ll look better and you’ll feel renewed. The mind is a powerful tool. Think and grow rich is the famous Napoleon Hill book — in it he describes the importance of thought. Write out some affirmations for every aspect of your life and repeat them like a mantra. Repeat them everyday. Repeat them in the moments when they’re most needed. Repeat them in the morning and in the evening, make it a habit. If you do this, then you will control what you manifest in the world. Choose to manifest the highest possible reality.

New technique: Learn something new

Decide to start the new habit of learning something new everyday. This habit will change your life. It will keep you alert and it will keep your mind young. Learning something new everyday will take persistence and obviously effort, but you can do it. Take up a new language. Track down something in your field. Join a website like or creative live. Take up a new habit. Learn to dance or do martial arts. There’s so many things to learn. There’s so much life to be excited about. Get exited again and retrain your mind to be great.



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