Not using sunblock can lead to skin damages

By: Hanaa Ahmed Lari

October 10th, 2016

Researchers made a study of how the sun exposure of skin without sunblock can affect the skin appearance. They also checked if β-carotene protects skin from aging to help people protect their skins from damage.

The study was made for 4.5 years by examining patients that were younger than 55 years. They were examined by making them apply sun-protection daily on their body several times a day and they will also given placebo pill which is β-carotene.

The shocking news was after 4.5 years they examined their skins through a microscope and yes the results showed that there was difference in the skin of those who apply sunscreen daily and those who didn’t daily however β-carotene reportedly did not make any difference in the aging skin between patients. (Ann, 2013)

The study was not big; it was small however if a made bigger research would be made then it might even show that β-carotene harm aging skin or maybe benefiting it.

This will benefit the UAE because it is well known that the UAE has sunny days almost everyday throughout the year. Educated people in the UAE about the importance of sunscreen on their skin helps being more protected about their skin. It will also inform those who spend thousands of dirhams on β-carotene to know that it has no or very low effect on the aging skin.

Additional benfits of sunblock are protects the skin fro harmful UV rays, prevents ageing, makes the risk of getting skin cancer lower and prevents sun burns. (Nithya, 2016)

Overall, using sunscreen daily have advantages on the skin, however β-carotene is useless to spend money and time on since the research showed no effect on those who used it and those who didnot.

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