COM-210 ~ Writing leads

Story 1:

In Papua New Guinea, a scientist finally found a way of breeding larger pigs which lead to the heaviest pig in town. After 10 years Dr Michael Kai that works for the Department of Primary Industry finally bred the largest pig there. The male pig weighted 350 kgs and hopes for more large pigs.

Story 2:

More than 30 children from Martyr school tried to escape from their school bus that was crashed after it ran off the road and ended in a garden in Suva. Some of the student of the 36 seaters bus were able to escape but others couldn’t. However, non of the students were seriously injured. Some were helped by people that heard the shouting and screaming of the students today morning.

Story 3:

Mr. Sione Tuanuku sacked out of his job for biting a dog. After a year the manager of the dogs pound Mrs. Anita Chan sacked Mr. Tuanuku that worked for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for biting a dog in his leg. He later explained that the reason behind his act is that he got frustrated from the dog’s barfing and the trials of biting him so he thought biting them will give them a lesson.

Story 4:

A family of five died in an accident of a pickup that collided into a 12-ton of bulldozer truck. Mr. John Erikub and his wife Laura along with 3 children passed away in an accident after the lose control of the husband to the pickup. Mr. Kill, the truck driver was taken to the hospital and cured from the shock and interviewed by the police which charged him with no offence.

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