People of Tahoe

The wind tugs at her ski pants howling at the top of the halfpipe. She worries about what tricks shes going to do but on the outside is calm and collected. Her chubby cheeks squished between goggles and face mask are the only part of her body that is not toned. Covered by ski gear are her powerful thighs. From pee wee football to soccer to lacrosse to skiing Devin Logan excelled.

This long island native is the youngest of five, constantly getting pounded on by her athletic siblings. Her sisters both played softball and the boys played football and skied. Fortunately for her, she followed in the boys footsteps. Devin never got the chance to be a girly girl and it ended up really working out for her.

In high school things with skiing started to really pick up so her and her mom moved up to Vermont full time so she could attend Mount Snow Academy full time during the winter. This was a major pivot in both of our lives. I gained what I had been missing for a long while, a best friend. I hadn’t gotten along with the girls in my grade for a long time, then Devin came along. This carefree, funny, talented soul walked herself into my life. Being around her just made you better, to have someone so positive and talented around all the time was quite something.

In high school her home life wasn’t the greatest. I mean, mine wasn’t either, we both didn’t have our dads around. But, Devin being the last of five, her mom always seemed a little over it, not to mention her drinking problem. This was something I watched her struggle with. I could never imagine not having all the loving support from your parents.

One thing Devin has always held onto is her passion for skiing. Going to competitions, waking up early, raising money for traveling, she made it happen. Four years ago, I got to watch her win a gold medal freeskiiing in the Olympics in Sochi Russia.

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