This is the story of Niel Manos, acclaimed tattoo artist working out of Truckee, California. Originally from Southern California, Manos has been working in the Truckee area for over a decade with a vast clientelle.

He started off drawing up tattoo ideas for some friends. With time this passion turned to actually using the needle and bringing his visions to life. After Gaining his liscense Manos worked in shops around California before deciding to make truckee his permanent home.

Now, tattooing is life for Manos, spending five days a week in his shop, the other two are spent watching his daughter. He opened Smiley’s Tattoo in 2011. It is currently located behind 7 eleven in Truckee, Ca. Ussually booked out a couple months, he is constantly tattooing, from the time he wakes up or goes to sleep he is in the shop, sometimes even sleeping there. For Smiley being a tattoo artist is a lifestyle.