A Fresh Start and all it needs is ..a step forward.

9 September 2017 …it is less than a few weeks away and it will be my birthday. This time around it falls on a Saturday. Just wondering how it would it be like this time… party or just be at home …hehe..definitely my friends want me to enjoy my birthday :) i am blessed with people that love me and support me morally and being there for me.

Here i am in the office, writing away …sitting in my running gear … freshly finished my first ever attempt in running as preparation for the upcoming Standard Chartered Running — Ekiden that will be held On 3rd December. #SCSM2017. I know…i know 7km is nothing for those that are so used to running.

I had my ankle injury for a long while now and i feel happy to just taking a small step and feeling less shy, i started to run into a full sprint from the Fullerton Hotel and bypassing the Grand Stand near Esplanade and onwards toward Helix Bridge…that when i saw him…at first i barely recognize him …instead of feeling anger and resentment ..i just smiled and laugh. We briefly say hi and goodbye in less than a minute eventhought he said i should just run along side him… i guess i just love my wonderful pace and decline his offer and continue on my way heading back to my office.

That moment when i was crying this morning …it was still raw …it hard when you start to fall in love with someone and the minute you confess..it seem like the smile on my face just disappear….when he doesn’t feel the same way.

i guess baby steps does matter and i am doing it for myself and not for anyone else. So that it for today… it a wonderful feeling to just go for a run and not think of anything else but being in control and happy.

It how you feel about yourself matters.