QUIZ: How Healthy Is Your Reince Preibus?

It’s somewhere around here.

How many flanges does your Reince Preibus have?

A. 1

B. 2, one is bumpy

C. I don’t have any flanges

How does your Reince react to stimuli?

A. Very vigorously!

B. It jiggles a bit

C. Slow & Floppy

How viscous is your Preibus?

A. Very viscous

B. Moderate viscosity

C. Thin & drippy

Slap that Reince Preibus. Yeah. Slap it.

A. Ooh Yes

B. Eh

C. It got angry

If you answered mostly Cs, congratulations! Your Reince Preibus is healthy and active. Go share it with your friends!