The spiritual benefits of Asian floor living.

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Sitting has always been a part of human life. But our trends within the sedentary lifestyle has reached a new high where many of us may be asking, “Is sitting bad?”

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that the way we sit is bad, in fact, it’s hurting us.

Mother nature has a sense of humor that many don’t understand, and the fact remains that many people in the western world suffer from chronic ailments and illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, mental health issues, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, etc. as a result of a sedentary lifestyle.

It’s heartbreaking to witness strangers, friends, family members, and even myself go through this in different variations because one of the answers to our problems has been staring right in our faces this whole time. …

A rainbow light shines over a lesbian couple, kissing
A rainbow light shines over a lesbian couple, kissing
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Dear D, C, & G,

I’m so proud that I met you.


You were my next-door neighbor and my first kiss back in elementary or middle school. I was woefully innocent then and it didn’t help that I saw things in a predominantly heterosexual way all thanks to my religious and traditional family. No, I didn’t even know what being gay meant or what the LGBTQA+ community was.

Still, we’d play house in your upstairs bedroom, or mine, at the risk of getting caught, just to make out like the French do. And because we were husband and wife, we even had a baby together! One day you stopped mid make-out and said, “I think we’re in love.” Flabbergasted, I remember backing out of the room slowly and with earnest denial. I don’t remember what I said exactly, just that I thought — No. We’re not in love. You’re crazy. I also remember on this particular day your older brother, whom I had a crush on at that time, was in his room just on the other side of the tiny hall. It was easy to peek inside because our houses didn’t have any real doors for what was meant to be attic space and the plastic sliding ones didn’t close all the way. …

Graffiti art of blonde woman with blue eyes with an orange x on left cheek
Graffiti art of blonde woman with blue eyes with an orange x on left cheek
Photo by Roman Kraft from Unsplash

If I had a penny for all the times people have told me “Never mind” Jeff Bezos would finally have some competition in the richest person alive contest. As someone who’s deaf, I’m no stranger to the lasting effects of being, once again, dismissed just because I didn’t hear the last set of words that came out of a person’s mouth. It’s a reminder that I’m not hearing enough. I’m not good enough. It’s a subconscious hurt that never quite heals despite how long it’s been since I last heard it.

Yet it’s interesting because the word never mind doesn’t have a single victim profile. Not only does it cover deaf people, it also covers hearing people and language learners. The dismissal comes from our parents, siblings, relatives, friends, significant others, teammates, coworkers, and bosses. No one is exempt from this list — from either side. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t dismissed anyone in this way before, it’s likely that I’ve done it once or twice. I’ve also witnessed the events happen between deaf people, one of them not nearly as fluent in sign language as the other. …

Hands holding up smartphone to record video
Hands holding up smartphone to record video
Photo from Yuma310

If video wasn’t important before, it certainly is now. More than ever people are releasing videos that typically range from 5 seconds to 4 minutes long depending on the platform (i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). And many flock to these videos, watching them for an average of 1–4 hours a day alone. Yet there are still many videos that are not captioned.

Captions have been around since the early 1970s, when PBS first aired The French Chef with words displayed on line 21 of TV screens. And in 1973 The Captioned ABC News was first aired and continued to air for the next ten years. Both were an overwhelming success in the Deaf world. …


Hana Sherlock

Hana is a freelance content and copy writer who writes on about topics relating to Deaf Awareness, Relationships, Psychology, and Wellness. |

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