Life-changing and other stories.

The Coaching Class that changed everything.

Picture stolen from web.

I started my Coaching class in the most casual way.
 A Person exchange in a post card sending (and thanks goodness there are those who still use postal mail, with and email perhaps would not have happened), this person contacts me, we met for the exchange and discover that she was collaborating with Accademia della Felicità. (Happiness Academy, ndt).

At first, this “freak” name sounds strange, but when you find out what it is, it shows you a new world. I think that nothing happens by chance and that you arrive at some places and people for a specific reason.

My specific reason was to stop, remember that there were me too in my life and that I was the most important person in it, and then change my course.

I enrolled to the Class almost with no expectations. I knew I would need to clarify, to understand some things about me and my work, mostly. I thought it was very business and little personal.

Ahah, good you. Many compliments.

In that place I found a new family. I met people of which I always wanted to surround myself. Those people who enrich your life and do not have the time nor the desire to speak ill, meditate revenge, belittle those around them.

I found myself living for a while in this primordial soup of congenital falsity, with people that to high, needed to talk low about others.

What a woman!

As Michelle Obama said “When they go low, you go high”, they were exactly the opposite.

And here I come catapulted into people who rejoice the success of others, persons who co-create. What a beautiful word: CO — CREATE.

For me it was all a challenge, from the first day to the last.

It was a challenge to take the train at 6 am to be in Milan at 10, because I live in the middle of nowhere. It was a challenge to decide that next time it’s better to take car and subway. The first time in the subway by myself.

It was a challenge to introduce myself to 20 people I’ve never seen before, say who you are seems easy, but it is a giant question mark in certain moments of life. It was a challenge to open up, let these people look into you while you were doing it too. Without armor, without sitting behind a screen, live. Dropping the barriers. Laughing. Crying. Admit to the world and to the strangers that you have feelings and that most often they come out in the form of tears.

I let myself being embraced, a lot. Which is often the best therapy and the tighter are hugs the easier they fix together the thousand pieces that you destroyed yourself, who knows how long ago.

I took a trip. Inside of me, of my family, among friends, among acquaintances and colleagues. I learned to look at the bottle from a distance, because as Giusi says “If you keep it near the nose, you can barely see it is a bottle, but only if you move away a little, you can read even the entire label.”

I re-learned so many things, maybe something I learned for the first time, even if I thought I knew them. I learned to choose for me and not to live it as a sense of guilt towards others. I learned to put myself first, without passing over the others, but simply because I deserve it.

I learned that if you smile and you place yourself in the best possible way, the others will change. It is not easy, indeed. Especially if you’re not used to and live on the defensive side of your life. Opening to the world, and see what he has to offer. And believe me, it’s really much.

I learned how to love, how to love me, just the way I am.

I learned to listen, that in life everyone always hears everything, but few really listen.

I understand that giving is better than receiving, seriously, not only because it is cool to say.

My life is slowly but incredibly changing in the space of a year.

I started having a coach for me, to find my awareness and pursuing my goals.

I then started coaching others, and it is the most rewarding experience of my whole life.

You listen, understand, spurs, you help people finding out that what they want to achieve is not impossible, that the instruments, they have them all, it’s just that they have never noticed. And that glow in their eyes, when they get to their goal, or when they understand they can get it and that it’s not so difficult, well, it pays you for everything.

Every time they say “Thank you for listening, your exercises have really opened my eyes” makes you feel a useful person in a chaos of people that barely live their lives.

And you want to shout to everyone that “IT…. COULD… WORK!!” Like in Young Frankenstein movie.

You feel like you’re part of something bigger.

I will never be grateful enough for this great gift that I was done, and that I have done to myself.