Whenever my friend asked me for art recommendation, I always sent them David from Guan Xiao. It’s easy, quirky and incredibly humorous.

David (2013) at K11 Art Foundation, Shanghai

Everyone love David, yet David is disappearing

Guan Xiao is a Chinese artist based in Beijing. In David, she borrowed different perspectives of David from the internet: Art student painting David, tourists taking photos of David, real David on display, replicas getting destroyed. She then put the videos together and sang a song with it:

“We, sculpturing him, drawing him, reproducing him, precisely. But we just cannot see him.”

David (2013) at Biennale di Venezia 2017

Sea and flowers (Installation view). 2013, Kunsthalle Bern.

I encountered Shimabuku’s work “Sea and Flowers” at Venice Biennale and was instantly moved to tears. It’s a grainy video with no sound, of some red flower petals being poured into the ocean and floating in the water…

“There are stars exploding around you, and there’s nothing, nothing you can do.”

Last winter in Brooklyn, I was with a friend at Ragnar’s exhibition “World Light — The Life and Death of an Artist”. It was a four-channel video, played constantly on four big screens in a dark empty room. You could tell the actors were not professional, the setting was rather rough, the lines and the way they were said were awkward sometimes. There was ironically a strange theatrical feeling. All channels were played at the same time and you, sitting in the center of them, could hear people including the artist himself talking to you nonstop from all directions.

World Light, 2015. Luhring Augustine and i8 Gallery, ReykjavÍk


Recently, in honor of an acquisition of the Lou Reed Archive and the 75th anniversary of Lou Reed’s birthday, New York Public Library is exhibiting an extensive collection of Reed’s legacy. Last week I was at Drones, a “glorious feedback made with Reed’s amps and guitars”, according to the New Yorker, led by Reed’s last guitar technician Stewart Hurwood.

Stewart Hurwood in a Lou Reed tour T-shirt, standing in the center of guitars and tweaking the sound for hours.

Starting from a Plain Noise

I am not a hardcore Lou Reed fan — I just put on the Velvet Underground or some of his solo albums from time to time (but then, who doesn’t). Before the performance, I already knew the drone method was used…

What happens when you type google.com into your browser and press enter?

Every software engineer has encountered this classic interview question at least once in their life. We all know too well how to answer it.

But really, what happens?

Last week I went to a talk given by Evan Roth. Roth is an artist who often takes cues from the hacker community and makes art in the realm of net-art and new media art. According to him, Open Visual Traceroute knows the answer (well at least part of it).

What the software does is basically telling you where the Internet package has traveled to bring your request to the destination, in…

There is a folder called “art” on my iPhone where I keep all the photos I took in galleries and museums. I started doing this in 2015 when I was spending my summer in Paris and visiting museums almost every day. Last weekend after the visit to the Guggenheim Museum, the photo count hit 1500, and I figured I need to do something about it.

I always wanted to share those archives and my thoughts as an amateur art lover. I’ve been doing that from time to time on my Instagram. The problem with that is I mostly post “instagrammable”…

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