These bluetooth buds are a real contender to the AirPods

So far, my experience with DOTBUDS has not been a pleasant one. I simply shared my frustration on their Facebook advertisement post since there was no number to reach and already passed the estimated day of delivery. Eventually, they blocked me. The reason for my frustration was a delay of my shipping from 3–9 days to longer than 11 days. I was BLOCKED to comment on their posts (I assume they censor people’s comments, keeping positive ones and deleting negative ones-mine wasn’t even about the product but about my frustration as a customer who wasn’t able to track the package due to the shipping carrier’s technical issue). Now, I might have to wait a week or two to get the product. I understand they have no power over customs control, but I wish I would have been informed about the delay in a professional way. Later, I was called WRONG and IMPATIENT and even asked “Do you ever got a business my friend?” Highly disappointed in ways they handle the situation and treat customers. If they are confident in their products, I really do hope that they spend more time and effort in improving their customer service.