Introduction: 100 Days of Memories

Last year for Elle Luna’s 100 Day Project, I participated by creating a series of drawings called “100 Days of Self Reflection”. Each day, I would introspect and draw a picture of what was in my head. I had originally intended for the project to help me become more conscious of my daily thoughts and actions. However, the result was the surprising discovery of a weak sense of self-identity and many deep-rooted insecurities and self-hatred.

I have since searched for answers in books, essays, and observations. What I have learned thus far is that on a more macro scale, identity issues are not uncommon among immigrants and minorities. To borrow a term from Carol Hanisch and the feminist movement: “The Personal is Political”. My personal experiences are the result of a larger, more complex social issue of marginalization. Growing up as a Chinese/Taiwanese-American immigrant and a sensitive male in a Western-dominated macho society, I have unconsciously gotten used to discrediting and even feeling ashamed of my own culture, experiences, and emotions. The damaged self-esteem not only contributed to self-destructive behaviors, but it also hurt friends, families, and strangers.

This year for the 100 Day Project, I will be sharing “100 Days of Memories”. Memory is fundamentally significant for the construction of one’s personhood. Each day, I will recall and share a piece of my past. Hopefully through recollection, I can analyze and better understand the “self”.