A note on women-only tech events
Poppie Simmonds

It depends what you want from a women in tech event. If your aim is to change the status quo big league, then yes I’m with you all the way. But there are other motivations for hosting and organising women in tech events (speaking as the organiser of the UK’s first undergrad women in tech conference). Other motivations might be…

  • You want to give women the opportunity to meet women from other employers/universities (many women have the experience of being the only woman in their team/tutor group/whatever).
  • You want to push ideas like mentoring, sponsorship, career planning, pipeline issues, support networks… these can be easier to talk about in non-male-dominated spaces.
  • Companies might want to improve their diversity stats (cynical, I know, but I suspect this is a major motivator for some of the recent entrants to this field).

There’s an additional bonus for guys in tech when coming to these events though, so I’m a huge fan of not being exclusively women-only: the guys who do show up get to see what it’s like to be us. And I think that’s a really useful thing.