The Paranoid Style in Gaming Misogyny

  • Our unifying structure (the newly founded country of America; the power structures of American life circa 1950; the video games that we play, and how we like to play them) is under attack from outside forces, and is threatened with total destruction or restructure into a completely unrecognizable form. Our way of life is at risk of being lost forever.
  • Our enemies (Freemasons; Catholics; Communists; feminists) are shadowy operatives who operate in isolated cells. They possess special powers of influence, persuasion, control, and seduction which allow them to secretly infiltrate the structures of power that surround us, and undermine us from within.
  • The conflict between us and our enemy is zero-sum. No compromise, evolution, or dialogue is possible, and they must be destroyed utterly, or driven back to their own borders, forever.
  1. Effectively, a distributed spam flood of anti-intellectual and ad-hominem attacks directed at their targets, aimed at burying any reasoned discussion that might popularly occur in response to their work, discouraging them from continuing their efforts.
  2. Helping maintain and increase the population of gamer misogynists, recruiting new members to “join the fight” (even at a basic level) by convincing them that the very real unease they may feel actually constitutes an an existential threat. Additionally, the constant flood of response videos, annotated screen captures or photo collages, maps of purported conspiratorial connections that are nigh indistinguishable from the work of modern descendants of the anti-Freemason partisans — all are taken as new and additional “evidence” that all prior concerns about their conspiratorial enemy are valid and true, and that the threat continues to grow in both size and complexity.
  3. Even though each new addition to the ever-growing pile often adds nothing of substance, and may just be circularly self-referential to prior “evidence”, it suffices to dampen opportunity for any critical analysis which might question the overall conclusions and the forward inertia of the movement. The constant appearance of new “evidence” is necessary to maintain the epistemic closure which prevents the gross inconsistencies, logical fallacies, and overall thinness of substance at the movement’s intellectual core from becoming all too apparent.




“Spend more time bicycling” as the key insight.

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Michael Handler

Michael Handler

“Spend more time bicycling” as the key insight.

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