Kesari Nandan Serial Cast, Wiki, Release Date, Timing, Story

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Dec 28, 2018 · 3 min read

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Welcome friends, Today I will tell you about the new upcoming Kesari Nandan serial that is going to release soon. The promo of this serial is released and people loved it so much. Kesari Nandan Promo won the heart of people. They are eagerly waiting for this serial and wants to know more about this serial. So, here I will tell you all the details about this serial like cast, story, release date, timing etc. So, without wasting time lets start.


Chahat Tewani

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Chahat Tewani is playing the lead role in this serial. She is playing a child artist role whose name is Kesari Nandan. Her age is only 9 years old. You can see her acting in the Kesari Nandan promo.

Manav Gohil

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Manav Gohil is playing the role of Hanumant Singh who is the father of Kesari Nandan. He is a Kushti trainer in this serial. His role is very bold and he looks very strict. He has a dream to make his son successful in Kushti.

Ankit Arora (Jorawar)

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He is born on 9 November 1986 and 35 years old. He is also in the main role.

Aastha Chaudhary

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She is playing the role of Kesari Nandan mother.

Shoaib Ali (Jagat)

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Shoaib Ali is playing the role of Jagat who is a brother of Kesari Nandan.


Serial Name- Kesari Nandan

Channel- Colors Tv

Release Date- 1 January 2019

Genre- family Drama

Timing- 9:00

Producer- Abhimanyu Singh

Production Company- Contiloe’s pictures

Language- Hindi

Kesari Nandan is an upcoming new serial of color tv. It is going to release on 1 January 2019. The timing of this serial is 9 pm. It will come at the place of big boss season 12. This serial will from Monday to Friday. Kesari Nandan is produced by Abhimanyu Singh and production company of this serial is Contiloe’s Pictures. The language of this serial is Hindi.


The story of this serial is the same as the story of a famous Bollywood movie Dangal. Hope you have watched this movie. In this movie, a father makes her daughter wrestler after fighting with the society where people thinks that wrestling is not for girls.

Same in this serial, the father of the Kesari is a wrestler trainer in the village of Haryana. He is one of the most well-known people in the village and he wants to make his son a great wrestler. After watching that her brother is doing wrestling. Kesari also gets interested in wrestling. But all people in the village including her father and mother think that wrestling is not for girls. But Kesari is a very obstinate girl and she starts learning wrestling

To know what will happen next must watch this serial that is going to release on 1 January 2019. This serial is going to win the heart of all viewers.

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