On Our Way

“Our noblest hopes grow teeth and pursue us like tigers” — John Gardner

Here we are, Apeksha and Yvonne, in India.

We are two foolishly idealistic designers who decided to pause our lives to respond to a shared urge for adventure and discovery — to observe closely the lives and work of artisans in India.

We want to explore what is being made and how, to meet with artisans, learn their personal stories and understand the relationship they share with their craft. From old tools to finished products we’ll be searching for the stories behind the objects and finding inspiration in the everyday.

Our short one month journey will involve venturing across India by plane, train, car, rickshaw and foot into small workshops in winding alleyways and communities where skilled craftspeople have lived and worked for generations.

So, without knowing quite where we’re headed we’re on our way. This blog will be a journal as a way to document, reflect and share the experience.

This is just the start.

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