A Million Reasons to Have Indian Weddings in Spain

Weddings are not just twinkling affairs; they are time instances that are closest to one’s heart. Weddings are occasions to celebrate your love with your partner; especially in India weddings are not only union of a bride and a groom, it is a collaboration of two families into one. Throughout our life we keep making plans and fancy about a dream wedding, but when the time comes we come to know that it is not that easy to plan and execute what we thought as a heavenly affair. A wedding function involves a lot of small and big preparations to make it a successful event. Both the families including the man and woman have to start preparations almost one or two months prior to the fixed date. In an Indian wedding, there are multiple events to organize: Sangeet, Baraat and Vidai to name a few of them.

But in the modern India, there is a latest trend that is making it easier and smoother like never before. Yes, we are talking about destination wedding system here. Although it is not seen in India only, destination weddings are making it big news everywhere in the globe. In a destination wedding, the wedding affair is celebrated in a specific place away from home. This place can be any location from an open beach wedding to charismatic affair in the mountain range or a royal wedding in a heritage palace. Some people even choose a place where their ancestors tied the knot to make it a memorable event. Modern couples are selecting their dream places to walk down the aisle; they are not hesitating to cross the country’s borders to have a perfect wedding function. While places like Greece, Italy, Paris, Turkey, etc. are among the top choices for a destination wedding, there are a few places that are not at top in the list but are ideal for a wedding affair away from your own country. Spain is one of these places to get married in for a million valid reasons. In the recent past, number of Indian weddings in Spain has increased due to its popularity among Indians. Spain is a heterogeneous package of different serene natural landscapes including crystal blue seas, holly cathedrals and lustrous hills. You do not have to worry about picking a destination about your honeymoon as Spain itself counts among wonderful honeymoon destinations. Getting married in Spain will be a wanderlust treat for your closed ones also. There are many wedding planner companies that are known to conduct beautiful Indian weddings in Spain. Marbella weddings are also quite famous in Spain.

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