BrainStorming Vs. BrainWriting

How to come up with more creative ideas.


Most people use the term “Brainstorming” to refer to simply coming up with ideas. What they don’t know is that there are guidelines to properly conduct a brainstorming session. If your goal is to come up with the best idea possible, you would put the effort in to make it happen. The following research explains the two idea generation processes and when you should use them.

Creative ideas are monumental in the business world. The problem is that idea generation is limited by constraints in the work environment. The ineffective idea generation processes waste valuable time and delay business growth. To come up with solutions to problems in the business world, your first step is to strategically generate ideas, as a team, in the most productive way. With the properly structured brainstorming or brainwriting sessions, hundreds of useful ideas are generated and built upon. The two main idea generation methods are brainstorming and brainwriting. To make the most productive use of your time, consider the method that best fits with the personality of your team.

The following report will help you identify the difference between brainstorming and brainwriting. The structure of the two methods require different team roles. The different roles of the participants will need a specific group energy for either situation. Depending on the physical working environment, number of participants, skills and personality of your team, you will benefit from one method over the other.

The next step is for you to decide if you think brainstorming or brainwriting is best for you or your team. When you’re faced with your next problem that requires a creative idea, conduct a properly structured idea generation session for the most efficient and effective ideas.