The MANX Business Model

Many of our recent publications have focused on detailed discussions of our architectural innovations and our technological capabilities. Today we would like to specifically address two questions that many investors have: What is MANX, and how does MANX make money?

What Is MANX?

MANX is a public blockchain platform, which means anyone will be able to use it to send and receive data, and have their transactions validated by its P2P distributed consensus mechanism. The MANX platform provides many services including transaction validation, smart contract management, a token wallet and a variety of distributed ledger applications. Among other leading capabilities, MANX includes post-quantum encryption to provide security despite advances in quantum computing.

Another differentiator is our focus on supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in porting their existing businesses applications to a blockchain platform by providing a number of blockchain application templates. SMEs will be able to conduct business securely using the MANX platform for transactions.

Custom business applications can be created with customized tokens, which can then be exchanged through MANX with BTC, ETH and fiat currencies to provide liquidity. MANX will also help design applications and token economics to accelerate MANX adaptation and foster the formation of the ecosystem.

How Does MANX Make Money?

The major source of revenue is derived from a micro-fee charged for transactions on the MANX platform. That is to say, MANX will help tokenize enterprises on the platform, provide solutions for their pain points, form a trustless business environment and value exchange channels, reform the value chains and increase productivity. These activities all result in incremental productivity for all parties in a transaction, and a portion of that value is payable as a technological service fee using the MANX token.

For example, in a typical supply chain, there are many intermediaries between buyers and sellers. In many cases, these intermediaries are required to provide incremental trust at each step along a transaction chain. Another alternative is to use guarantors to reduce credit risk, but then the cost of transactions is increased. The MANX blockchain platform provides an environment where trust is not required between buyers and sellers.

Let’s look at another example. Company A produces shirts, Company B produces pants and Company C produces shoes. By using the MANX trustless platform, they can enter a smart contract to allocate their resources and consolidate production based on the expertise and strengths each brings to the agreement. Overall productivity and revenue are increased. Incremental value is generated by consolidating and streamlining the capabilities of all three companies. The MANX platform receives a portion of fees, which are shared by all token holders.

MANX anticipates several other sources of revenue, including service fees for designing and implementing blockchain applications and their underlying token economics design.

MANX is actively seeking to partner with companies in different sectors that are interested in reaching the market at the same time as the launch of the main MANX platform. We anticipate launching with many motivated users and variety of applications to form a real blockchain ecosystem.

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