Blogging to Attract More Leads — 6 Places for New, Targeted Ideas

Feeling burned out on blog post content? Think you’ve already written everything there is to say about your site’s topic? You’re not alone.

According to Top 10 LinkedIn Influencer James Altucher, ideas are the new online currency, so he advises coming up with ten a day, even though many of those ideas will be bad ideas.

And what do you do if you can’t come up with even one good idea?

Remember, creativity is not coming up with totally new ideas, but joining things together in new ways. Or it’s finding a relationship between two seemingly unrelated things that nobody noticed before.

The Internet and the world are full of new blog post ideas. Here’s how to find them for your blog:

1. Ask your sales representatives what prospective customers want to know right now.

This is always a great practice. Your prospects and customers are the life of your business. What are they saying? What are they complaining about? What are they praising? What are they asking? If they’re cancelling, why?

Maybe they have a common misunderstanding about your business you need to address in a blog post.

​Maybe you and your staff have left something out of the operating instructions. Maybe you need to make a change in procedure to correct or improve a process, and then blog about it.

2. Read Tweetchats.

Tweetchats are events where people use Twitter to discuss various topics. This is another way to discover what people are thinking about your niche, maybe even your business.

3. Another place where people ask questions is Quora. (This one is my favorite)

Search for questions in your niche. Look for misunderstandings in both the questions and answers. What do you want to explain to them in greater detail than a Quora answer will hold?

4. Look through your Google Analytics keywords. (I suck at this one, though)

Look through the section on the search terms people use to find your site. Some may surprise you.

But if one person found your site through a weird, longtail keyword, next month maybe one or two more prospects will use variations of it. If the keyword implies the searcher is likely a prospect for your business, you want to attract more of them. Therefore, write a blog post dedicated to answering their questions and using that longtail keyword.

This article by Neil Patel gives a lot of information about targeting longtail keywords with your blog posts, starting with the Google AdWords tool. Use both Google Analytics and the AdWords tool.

5. Check on Buzzsumo.

This one is almost cheating. It tracks activity across many social media.

By looking through your niche market, you’ll not only see what types of content other people are consuming, you’ll find out what’s most popular.

​That means you write not only a new blog post, but one on a subject that the most people in your niche are consuming and sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Therefore, that’s the subject that more people are likely to share once you write and publish the blog post.

6. Search Reddit for ideas.

A lot of marketers ignore Reddit because it’s so notoriously hostile to obvious marketing and many Reddit visitors are so notoriously rude in their treatment of anybody they don’t like.

However, it gets tens of millions of visitors and has tens of thousands of subreddits, so it’s a great source of market intelligence and blog ideas.

Find the subreddits that most closely match your business, subscribe to them, and check out the posts and the discussions. You’ll soon see what questions your prospects are asking a lot. Answer them with a blog post.

Before long, you’ll realize you will never run out of fresh blog post ideas. The challenge will be finding enough time to write them all. So hire us to write your rough drafts ;)

Blogging is a terrific way to attract more leads. Contact us today to learn how we can help your blog.

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